As we enter the homestretch of 2022, DPZ is pleased to provide updates on a few projects that have moved into implementation and efforts in coding and master planning that have been adopted. The past few weeks also reminded us of the passage of time and nature’s strength.

Beachtown, Galveston


Beachtown, Galveston

The end of September witnessed the destructive impact of Hurricane Ian across the Southeast U.S., especially parts of Southwest Florida where DPZ has been working for decades. Hurricane Ian was a shocking reminder that how we occupy coastal areas needs to respect the speed and power of storms and the water and wind they generate. DPZ was recently visited by Beachtown Galveston town founder Tofigh Shirazi, and it brought to mind the way the City of Galveston, TX, reinvented itself after the cataclysmic Hurricane of 1900 that took 6,000 lives. The City’s grade was raised by 16 ft, more than 2,100 building were jacked up, and a new, higher seawall was erected. When our project for Mr. Shirazi was designed in 1997 on a stretch of beachfront just outside Galveston’s flood-fortified boundaries, it was a given that the first habitable floor of each structure would be a full level above grade, including the majority of commercial spaces. History keeps teaching us and Beachtown has been able to weather Hurricanes Ike and Harvey largely unscathed by learning from events like Rita and Katrina and upgrading its construction techniques.

Beachtown is an example that there is hope for a more resilient Southwest Florida. We send our heartfelt wishes to those affected by Hurricane Ian. Click here to read more.

Beachtown plan
Beachtown creek

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Beachtown fountain

Vista Field

The retrofit of a decommissioned airport, Vista Field represents an ambitious endeavor that aims to raise the bar in infrastructure re-purposing and creative place-making. This past summer saw progress with the phase one streets, sidewalks, utilities, and landscaping at the center of Vista Field continuing to take shape.

DPZ has worked on this project for over a decade with the help of Tim Arntzen (executive director for Port of Kennewick), Larry Peterson (director of planning and development for Port of Kenewick), ECONWest, Paul Crabtree, Parametrix, John Anderson, Tom Low, Michael Mehaffy, Laurence Qamar, and a host of other consultants.

Click here for an aerial tour of the progress.

Laval town planning

Laval Code

Congratulations to the L’Atelier Urbain team! The famous Town Planning Code of the City of Laval, Quebec, was adopted on July 12 by the municipal council after 4 years of intensive work. We at DPZ had the honor of contributing to this process by sharing our knowledge on form-based codes.

Click here for more information.

OLF-8 Plan
OLF-8 Plan

OLF-8 Plan

The ongoing work DPZ has completed on the OLF-8 Master Plan in Pensacola, FL, has officially been adopted. The county is now busy trying to find the appropriate team to implement the project and has issued an RFP for developers.

Click here for more information.

Tornagrain, Scotland

TORNAGRAIN, SCOTLAND (Photo Courtesy of Tornagrain;

Royal Advocacy

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Great Britain lost a much-admired figure and entered a period of heartfelt mourning. The country also welcomed a new monarch with an uncommon resume. Unable to ignore the former Prince of Wales’ patronage of the built environment, several news outlets are pondering over his legacy and its impact on the future of architecture and planning in the UK. DPZ has been witness to the hard work and stunning achievements by the Prince of Wales Foundation, often in the face of the harshest criticism. His influence on the development of numerous towns and villages throughout the UK, including several by DPZ, cannot be underestimated. Click to read more.

Summer interns

Summer Interns

This past Summer, DPZ continued a long and cherished tradition of taking on eager and promising interns as part of the team. These outstanding individuals from a variety of backgrounds came together with the common mission of shaping the future of New Urbanism. Click to read more.

Andres Duany

From Andres Duany:
The Second Studio Podcast

Andrés Duany joins David Lee and Marina Bourderonnet at The Second Studio to discuss New Urbanism, his appearance on the Tucker Carlson Fox show, the importance of understanding an audience, Seaside, FL, the current state of architecture, and more. Click to listen.