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1000 Friends of Florida Sprawl Repair Webinar

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, a massive influx of migrants to Florida has prompted skyrocketing real estate prices and a rush on the already limited affordable housing. Fortunately, DPZ’s Sprawl Repair initiative offers a wealth of ideas for repurposing stranded and underperforming real estate assets. These strategies can help make suburban communities more connected, more mixed-use, more walkable, and with a better sense of place [...]

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From Montava: An Innovative Intersection Plan

Montava is an ambitious project slated to fill many needs in Northeast Fort Collins, Colorado But it’s not just any development—Montava is pushing the envelope on pedestrian and bicycle-centric design, with networks of car-free paths and streets and serious traffic calming. One of the innovative techniques to slow down vehicular speeds was tested in a Fort Collins parking lot this fall [...]

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DPZ Fall 2022 Newsletter

As we enter the homestretch of 2022, DPZ is pleased to provide updates on a few projects that have moved into implementation and efforts in coding and master planning that have been adopted. The past few weeks also reminded us of the passage of time and nature's strength [...]

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The Long Road Ahead in the Wake of Hurricane Ian

Last month, wind, rain, and a powerful storm surge from Hurricane Ian cut a swath of destruction across the Florida peninsula. Particularly devastated were many of the cities and neighborhoods along the gulf coast that DPZ has been advising for over 30 years. DPZ wants to voice its concern for the well-being of our clients in that region, and wish a speedy recovery as they clean up, rebuild, and move forward [...]

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Royal Advocate for the Natural and Built World

DPZ’s connection with Britain’s new king began when the Prince of Wales mentioned Seaside in his 1988 book and documentary, A Vision of Britain, praising its sociable, interconnected plan and walkable urban scale. He made his vision a reality in 1989 when he commissioned the plan for the village of Poundbury – an extension of Dorchester – on land owned by his Duchy of Cornwall [...]

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The Next Generation of New Urbanism: DPZ Interns 2022

This Summer DPZ continued a long and cherished tradition of taking on eager and promising interns as part of the team. These outstanding designers from a variety of backgrounds came together with the common mission of shaping the future of New Urbanism. They are now back in school working to complete their degrees. Two of the four continue interning at DPZ Miami this fall. DPZ wanted to highlight and honor the efforts of all four individuals [...]

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Downtown Naples, Florida: A 30-Year Story in Placemaking

DPZ has returned to Naples in 2022, nearly three decades after the charrette and code that transformed 5th Avenue South into a signature main street, the hub of a region, and a national destination. The assignment this past year was to address the Naples Design District, an eclectic, historic area in need of a clearer identity and a plan to help define it [...]

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Takeaways from the Builders’ Show with Andres Duany and NanaWall

Post-Pandemic Design with Andrés Duany, presented by NanaWall Always interesting to listen to, Andrés Duany, celebrated architect and city planner, sits down with the folks at NanaWall to tell us what he sees as the future of post-pandemic housing. If you’re familiar with New Urbanist strictures and stylings, you’ll see much has changed. Always looking ahead, [...]

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Defining The 15-minute City

What is the "15-minute city" and why is it gaining traction? Andres Duany and Robert Steuteville provide some important insights.    "The 15-minute city is gaining significant traction politically and in planning circles, but what does it mean? Definitions vary, and there is so much slack in the concept—depending on what transportation modes are included—that [...]

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Transect Urbanism: Readings in Human Ecology

Transect Urbanism: Readings in Human Ecology  Edited by DPZ’s own Andrés Duany and Brian Falk, Director of the Center for Applied Transect Studies, the book features essays from more than a dozen contributors including Charles C. Bohl, David Brain, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Emily Talen, Bruce Donnelly, Sandy Sorlien, Daniel K. Slone, Seth Harry, Galina Tachieva, Sidney [...]

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