We work across a broad range of project types and scales, to serve private sector developers and institutions, public sector agencies and municipalities, and not-for-profit organizations. 

As architects who encountered the power of codes in early urban projects, we have developed the capacity to frame design goals within the larger regulatory context.  We understand the importance of a clear vision and a predictable path for evolution, particularly relevant for emerging concerns such as climate change adaptation.

Urban Planning

DPZ projects range across a broad scale of engagement, from urban pockets to multi-county regional plans. The work is distinguished by its beauty, innovation, economic value, and the long term aspirations of sustainability, resilience, and adaptability.

Code Writing

DPZ is renown for the firm’s innovations in land development regulations and place-making quality controls. These range from design standards for new settlements, to the form-based zoning codes that guide growth for existing communities.

The most admired characteristic of beloved places is their coherence of form and scale.  While this can be accomplished by one designer, a balance of harmony and authentic variety can only be achieved with multiple participants in the design. 


The firm’s experience in architecture includes the entire process for individual buildings from pre-design to construction observation.  informing the urban design and regulatory standards is familiarity with building type, scale and critical dimensions, and style.   Admired historical settings and beloved places, provide the models for the balance of harmony and identity.

The projects featured here are those principally authored by the firm that ranges in scale from individual buildings to small groupings and subdivisions.