1000 Friends of Florida Sprawl Repair Webinar

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, a massive influx of migrants to Florida has prompted skyrocketing real estate prices and a rush on the already limited affordable housing. Fortunately, DPZ’s Sprawl Repair initiative offers a wealth of ideas for repurposing stranded and underperforming real estate assets. These strategies can help make suburban communities more connected, more mixed-use, more walkable, and with a better sense of place [...]

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Ten Years On: Why Sprawl Repair is even More Vital in the Age of COVID-19

Ten years since the original publication of Sprawl Repair Manual, the ideas and solutions it contains are even more urgent and needed than ever.  COVID-19 has brought the suburbs to the forefront of the conversation and made them the focus of yet another round of speculation as the next “escape grounds” from the dangers of urbanity.  The compounding global crises are [...]

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Sprawl Repair and Adaptation

The realities of climate change in our collective experience is inescapable; members of the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) continue to explore important questions about the (not-so-distant) future: Where and how will humanity live as sea levels rise and other phenomena like volatile weather, resource depletion and pollution worsen? Since these are certainties rather than merely [...]

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