Bringing New Urbanism to a Wider Audience: Andres on Tucker Carlson’s Podcast

  You may have been surprised to see that Andres was the guest for the entire hour of this week’s episode of Tucker Carlson’s FOX NATION podcast “Tucker Carlson Today.” The two had a long, in-depth conversation about New Urbanism and development in the United States and how the CNU ( “1,500 brilliant well-intentioned people working all [...]

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Defining The 15-minute City

What is the "15-minute city" and why is it gaining traction? Andres Duany and Robert Steuteville provide some important insights.    "The 15-minute city is gaining significant traction politically and in planning circles, but what does it mean? Definitions vary, and there is so much slack in the concept—depending on what transportation modes are included—that [...]

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