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Playa Vista – “A Four Decade Overnight Success” Documentary

In 1989, DPZ began a planning project for Playa Vista, a Los Angeles development for the former Howard Hughes airport and aircraft facility. In an effort to document its history, Playa Vista Institute has created an in-depth documentary detailing the story of its development [...]

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DPZ Holiday Newsletter 2023

As the year comes to a close we want to take a moment to look back at the events and accomplishments of 2023 and share a few updates and achievements [...]

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ICAA National Conference in Charleston, SC

On the weekend of November 3rd – 5th of this year, the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) hosted a three-day architecture and design conference featuring DPZ’s Lizz Plater-Zyberk as the Saturday evening keynote [...]

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DPZ Summer Newsletter 2023

It’s hard to believe that we are past the halfway point of 2023. Since our last news round-up DPZ has been busy with new projects, updates to master plans that are underway, plus various conferences and events. The three offices have been conducting charrettes and active with several CNU activities, including a strong presence at this past May’s annual conference in Charlotte, NC. The well-attended conference hosted over 1,000 New Urbanists, many of them enthusiastic new faces [...]

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Aria – Sandy Springs

As Aria nears a decade of development, it is time to honor the admirable implementation that has been underway by our client homebuilder Ashton Woods, Builder magazine’s 2023 “Builder of the Year”. Begun in the spring of 2015, this 75-acre community in the Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs is near several employment centers near GA-400 and I-285 [...]

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The 5-Minute Neighborhood, 15-Minute City, and 20-Minute Suburb

That measurement of time in which someone is more likely to walk or bike rather than drive a car to an errand has been the subject of much discussion among urbanists. Thirty years ago the New Urbanism first proposed a neighborhood of a quarter-mile radius. More recently the “15-minute city” has been receiving much attention and it has given the concept of sustainable community design renewed vigor [...]

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Update on Vero Beach Three Corners

After nearly 4 years of planning, a public charrette, numerous meetings, and a citywide referendum, the steps are in place to move forward with the development of the Three Corners site in Vero Beach, FL. Last November, the city’s residents voted overwhelmingly – 80/20 – in favor of revising the city charter to allow commercial use on this piece of municipal waterfront land that will also include public park space [...]

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DPZ Holiday Newsletter 2022

We are excited to close the year with some updates and news as we prepare to say goodbye to 2022. Even with hiccups from the tail end of COVID-19, hurricanes, and global politics, there has been plenty to celebrate. Between charrettes, webinars, developments in our communities, features in prominent publications, awards, and more, there is much that we are thrilled to share with you [...]

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From Montava: An Innovative Intersection Plan

Montava is an ambitious project slated to fill many needs in Northeast Fort Collins, Colorado But it’s not just any development—Montava is pushing the envelope on pedestrian and bicycle-centric design, with networks of car-free paths and streets and serious traffic calming. One of the innovative techniques to slow down vehicular speeds was tested in a Fort Collins parking lot this fall [...]

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DPZ Fall 2022 Newsletter

As we enter the homestretch of 2022, DPZ is pleased to provide updates on a few projects that have moved into implementation and efforts in coding and master planning that have been adopted. The past few weeks also reminded us of the passage of time and nature's strength [...]

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