Beachtown West Village
Location: Galveston, Texas, USA
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 1997
Status: Built
Size: 221 acres

Beachtown will be a unique mixed-used community comprising several villages. Located at the east end of Galveston Island, the site is bounded by the Gulf coast to the south, the Galveston Bay to the north and a natural preserve to the east. It is near the older section of Galveston, offering convenient access to many of the downtown’s major amenities.

The community layout is inspired by the simplicity of the best historic coastal towns, with narrow, pedestrian-oriented streets; a mix of housing types nestled with offices and retail; and recognizable civic open spaces in the form of squares, plazas and parks. All of these features will foster a sense of permanence and community.

Following traditional planning principles, the villages are defined as areas delineated by a five minute walk from center to edge, encouraging pedestrian activity and social interaction, as well as providing basic amenities within a walking distance of residents’ homes. The site’s exceptional views have been carefully enhanced through the use of prominent view corridors, which bring the beach experience deep into the community. Alleys and lanes provide rear vehicular access to most lots, allowing the replacement of some streets by passages. These provide direct pedestrian access to the beach.

The building types reinforce the character of the streets and civic spaces. The architectural style features pitched roofs, generous elevated porches and decks, all of which evoke a relaxed lifestyle and the flavor of historic Galveston.

Shiraz Passage from Beachtown Square View of beachfront neighborhood Sunrise Passage to Beach View from commercial plaza East to lagoon Sunrise Passage to Lagoon View from beach to lagoon

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