Location: Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, USA
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 1995
Status: built
Size: 243 acres
Website: www.ionvillage.com
Partners: Dover-Kohl and Partners

I’On is a 243-acre infill project located east of Charleston, South Carolina, in the town of Mount Pleasant. The site is bordered by the marshy edge of the Hobcaw Creek to the north, residential subdivisions to the east and west, and the rural thoroughfare of Mathis Ferry Road to the south, which connects to the major commercial strip along US Highway 17. The center of the property features a wetland corridor along Molasses Creek, three manmade lakes, and a historic graveyard with a monument to local hero Jacob Bond I’On.

The Master Plan for I’On allocates four neighborhood centers, with the one closest to Mathis Ferry Road being the village center. This commercial hub for the community occurs along a mixed-use main street that partially winds around a central square, the northernmost center of which is located at the edge of Hobcaw Creek and includes a community dock, boat landing, and meeting hall. Sites for civic buildings such as churches and schools have been reserved throughout the plan at key focal points.

The three lakes are each developed in a manner that enhances their existing character. The smallest, named the Rookery, retains its natural state as a sanctuary for herons, egrets, and other wildlife. The largest, East Lake, is surrounded with porch houses nestled within the trees that currently border the shore. West Lake, which has the most angular shape, is the most urban of the three with rowhouses and pedestrian promenades built along its edge.

The homes and their materials are based on traditional Low Country architecture from the Charleston and Mount Pleasant regions. House types reinforce the street character, which gradually varies from neighborhood center to edge. Rowhouses and single houses are located in the more urban central areas, while a variety of porch houses are distributed throughout rural and marshfront edges.

9501-01 9501-02 Lakeview. 9501-04 9501-05 9501-06 Neighborhood green. 9501-08 9501-09 Marshlands around the neighborhood.

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