New Amherst

Location: Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
Project Categories: Urbanism
Year Started: 1994
Size: 172 acres
Partners: Looney Ricks Kiss

New Amherst is a Greenfield development along the northern shores of Lake Ontario and adjacent to the historic town of Cobourg. Situated along Canada’s main transportation thoroughfare, Highway 401, just east of Toronto, New Amherst is well connected to the metropolitan city’s economic and social network. The master plan incorporates a town center with ground floor retail structures designed to complement the historic architecture and urban fabric of colonial Cobourg and nearby Port Hope.

The New Amherst community includes several neighborhoods, each integrating a range of residential and commercial areas, green space and civic buildings. The neighborhoods are built in a traditional, walkable, pedestrian-friendly pattern, each within walking distance of the town center and a variety of parks. Residential units take the historic prototypes of Cobourg as their inspiration. From high street townhouses to Ontario cottages to larger single-family estates, a unique cross-section of residential options are accommodated within one community.

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