Downtown Naples

Location: Naples, Florida, USA
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 1993
Status: executed
Size: 83 acres

The Code and Downtown Plan for Fifth Avenue, the Main Street of Naples, involved a plan for the revitalization of a six-block retail area on property owners and the City. The plan was designed to direct development within the Fifth Avenue District to ensure that new buildings would be compatible to the existing urban fabric; that these buildings would relate to the street and foster pedestrian activity; that retail would be developed at street level; and that renovations would follow the same pattern.

The design of the buildings within the district was regulated and approved in accordance with the provisions of the new overlay code produced during the charrette. The code included building standards, specific provisions, and architectural regulations. Landscape standards were also included to create varying streetscapes within the downtown, depending on the residential or commercial character of the surrounding development.

As a result, downtown Naples has prospered. New construction has added to the retail and dining opportunities for local residents and nurtured a renewed interest in downtown living.

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