Blount Springs

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Location: Blount Springs, Alabama, USA
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 1988
Status: construction
Size: 5000 acres

Blount Springs, Alabama, was originally founded in the nineteenth century. Until a fire destroyed much of the town in 1915, its mineral springs and water courses set in the steeply terrain forest attracted a flourishing population. The master plan for a new Blount Springs seeks to re-create a community in harmony with its history and its environment. The town center, a focus for the surrounding villages, is located on a hill overlooking the head of a new lake formed by the raising of a historic dam. The crest of the hill is given to a square from which streets run to the lakefront, the railroad station, and the adjacent villages. The ruins of the original settlement will be preserved in a park to the west of the town center.

Each village has public spaces and buildings, and several feature a small commercial component distributed throughout the neighborhoods. Blue Hole Village, the first to be developed, is organized around a new lake. Each of its neighborhoods focuses on a green or park whose location was chosen to showcase a unique natural feature and to provide specific character for the neighborhood. Crescent Green is the only formal, lawned space - the Hollow is a large sink hole with specimen trees - Ridge Road’s long axis is bisected by a square with a monument. A power line cut through the forest is maintained to display the rolling landscape, crossing several public spaces whose high points are marked with pavilions and monuments.

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