Location: Orange Beach, Alabama, USA
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 1986
Status: Built
Size: 60 acres

Tannin is located on the north shore of the Gulf of Mexico, adjacent to a large state park. The plan responds to several unique site characteristics, including the irregular property boundary and the linear dune and wetland formation that runs obliquely to the highway. The street grid took advantage of this feature and runs parallel to this topography.

The wetlands within the site have been transformed into linear lakes, while the swamp to the north and west of the site is left wild, overlooked by residential lots and a public pavilion that terminates the main boulevard. A town square at the highway provides special sites for public buildings and spaces, such as a village hall, post office, interactive fountain and the regional fire station. This concentration of civic activities will make Tannin the center for an area larger than its own site.

Tannin’s Urban Regulations prescribe the physical ingredients of traditional Southern building types. The vast majority of homes present a front proch to the street. The Architectural Regulations specify construction materials and techniques that are economical and found in the local vernacular.

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