Bywater Cottages

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Project Categories: Architecture
Year Started: 2009
Status: built
Size: 0.18 acres

In addition to the public sector work following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in New Orleans, DPZ worked with Corner Markers to develop a new model of contextual, high-density infill housing. The basic unit is a stand-alone, expandable house that can be used in combination to form duplex units or larger multi-family buildings. In the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, these units are paired to form duplexes which achieve a net density of 21 units per acre and include off-street parking.

Utilizing the traditional proportions of New Orleans shotgun houses with high roof pitches and walls, each unit intricately assembles 1,700 square feet and an outdoor deck in a 30 by 30 foot unit footprint. Respecting the traditional character of the neighborhood yet being careful not to replicate, these houses seamlessly weave a formerly vacant corner lot into the neighborhood fabric.

3013-01 Conceptual illustration of cottage concept 3013-03 3013-04 Floor plan for a single Bywater Cottage, there are 4 in total on the Bywater site. 3013-06

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