Master Plan
Location: St. Lucia
Project Categories: Urbanism
Year Started: 2000
Status: unbuilt
Size: 223 acres

The plan for ESCAP located on St. Lucia demonstrates how the discipline of the neighborhood and corridor, learned from traditional urbanism, can be applied to the creation of a modern town. A largely unbuilt site, an existing tradition of local town and village development, and sympathetic public servants all combined to facilitate the development of an almost ideal master plan.

The most significant natural feature at ESCAP is the peninsula that defines the perimeter of the property. The cliffs at the edges of the peninsula were preserved to stand as a natural boundary for the town. Two bays, Fond Bay to the north of the peninsula and Port Volet to the south, offer beach views for the town residents. The topography within the site influenced the shape, internal organization, and character of the two neighborhoods that comprise the town.

The town takes the form of a bowtie, with the two neighborhoods stretching out on either side of a low point, or saddle, near the center of the ridge that runs the length of the peninsula. Within the saddle lies the most intensely developed area, which functions as a town center for the community. All roads converge on this center, and most residences are located within a five-minute walk. There are also smaller, neighborhood centers, designed to meet the needs of the immediate residents of each neighborhood. These spaces are less trafficked, offering a quieter place for gathering and repose.

The green corridor is another concept that was central to the development of the plan. A special effort was made to connect the existing perimeter of the peninsula into a continuous, undeveloped natural reserve. Along with the cliff areas, natural drainage and river ways were also incorporated. These areas provide space for active recreational amenities such as tennis courts and walking trails, as well as passive open space that preserves scenic views and natural vegetation. The greenway network flows into either side of the town center between the two neighborhoods, offering unobstructed views to both sides of the peninsula and providing a physical and visual connection between the town and nature.

Aerial view from above the Town Center facing the east and Atlantic Ocean. Looking towards the town from the Beach Resort at Fond Bay. Master Plan View from a hotel room balcony over Fond Bay. View of a residential street looking towards the Town Center. View from the second hotel looking towards the north ridge residential units. Between the two ridges, the natural preserve and wading pool created at the foot of the valley can be seen. View facing the Town Square and Market. Detail plan of the Town Center. Section cut 1 Section cut 2 Section cut 3

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