Porta Norte

Location: Panama City, Panama
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 2015
Status: planned
Size: 445 acres
Website: portanorte.com
Partners: LANGAN, Crabtree Group Inc., Edward McGrath & Associates

Porta Norte is located in Panama Norte, 25 minutes from Casco Viejo and from the Tocumen International Airport.

Porta Norte will offer a departure from the current development trends in Panama as a sustainable new settlement based on traditional planning principles. Well-connected to the region and respecting the natural and man-made local context, the new town will create new choices for compact, walkable, human-scale environments.

Porta Norte neighborhoods are envisioned to integrate high-quality housing, associated retail and civic facilities, and employment development. Based on the Transect’s urban-to-rural methodology, the final master plan integrates a range of human habitats; from the most urban and compact choices, to larger homes and rural greenways along the rivers’ edges. Being such a large site, each neighborhood will undergo further detailing during the next phases of design and construction.

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