University Mall

University Mall - Icon Office in Main Plaza
Location: Orem, Utah, USA
Project Categories: Urbanism
Year Started: 2012
Status: planned
Size: 116 acres
Partners: ELS Architecture & Design

The Master Plan incorporates a variety of different uses that, working as a whole, maximize the potential of University Mall as one of the region’s major destinations. The clear delineation of blocks, connected street grid, and memorable public spaces create a pedestrian-friendly environment that transforms the Mall from a retail-only destination into a vibrant, mixed-use, urban center for the entire community of Orem.

This mixture of uses creates a synergy that reinforces each of the parts; the retail benefits from the proximity of the office and residential, while the office and residential likewise become more attractive because of the retail. This combination results in a destination that will have a competitive advantage over other large-scale developments in the region.

The plan uses several strategies to create this “critical mass.” The utilization of structured garage parking enables the project to achieve an urban density that is not possible with surface parking alone. Further, it is the network of streets and open spaces, and the use of appropriate building types, that link the uses and encourage interaction. The plan proposes to integrate with the existing BRT line, local bus lines and an internal circulator shuttle.

The main civic space has been elongated and takes the place of the previous main plaza and children’s plaza. The orientation of the Plaza connects the more active retail components of the Mall with the new development to the north. The garages serving the north side of the mall have been consolidated into one large garage to better facilitate the “park once and walk” shopping and dining experience. The Plan incorporates additional office and retail sites along University Avenue and State Street to better incorporate the west and south sides of the Mall into the mixed-use, urban environment of the redevelopment.

University Mall Proposed Master Plan University Mall Existing Conditions - Figure Ground Analysis University Mall Proposed Master Plan - Figure Ground Analysis University Mall - Main Plaza with Mt. Timpanogos beyond University Mall - Icon Office in Main Plaza University Mall - Commercial Street
University Mall - Residential Street University Mall - Courtyard Housing

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