The Land

Proposed: Aerial perspective rendering of the neighborhood.
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 2012
Size: 22 acres

“The Land” is a 22-acre infill development located between the city limits of Sand Springs and Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Land sits on the southeast corner of the Gilcrease Expressway and West 41st Street, both of which will become major thoroughfares as a part of a larger regional plan.

The master plan for The Land proposes traditional American settlement patterns as an alternative to contemporary methods of real estate development. The site, divided into three major zones: the Neighborhood Center along West 41st street; the Neighborhood Lakes; and the Residential Neighborhood, accommodates 127 residential units distributed among 2-3 bedroom houses and 1-bedroom cottages.

The Neighborhood Center, inspired by Seaside, FL, has a U-shaped central green lined with two-story buildings totaling 52,600 square feet of commercial space that will serve both the neighborhood and the region. The midterm build-out of the plan will have two new buildings housing the Ministry and the eyewear business, while the long-term build-out includes a total of six mixed-use buildings, a farmers market, and volleyball courts.

The Neighborhood Lakes area includes a variety of activities and building types including foodtrucks and other temporary structures along the central causeway, while the boardwalks along the water’s edge provide an inviting setting for adjacent restaurants, boathouses, and community activities.

The Residential Neighborhood, currently a blueberry farm on the south side of the property, will grow incrementally, and be served by the pump station along the lake’s edge, which will accommodate the sales counter and café for the blueberry operation. The chapel located at the south edge of the property provides an important destination and a visual termination for the community's central axis originating at the neighborhood center.

Proposed: Illustrative masterplan with blueberry fields. 3-Bedroom House. View from the farmer's market to the meeting hall. 1-Bedroom, 2-Story Cottage. 2-Bedroom Cottage. Proposed: Aerial perspective rendering of the pump house and blueberry fields. Proposed: Aerial perspective rendering of the neighborhood.

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