Memorial Regional Medical Center

Location: Mechanicsville, VA, USA
Project Categories: Urbanism
Year Started: 2012
Status: planned
Size: 76 acres

The Master Plan depicts the ultimate build-out of the MRMC 68-acre parcel. The expansion of the hospital core occurs primarily towards Meadowbridge utilizing the existing surface parking areas. A new entry plaza is created with two access points to Meadowbridge, formalizing its role as the principal approach to the facility. A Main Street with a mixed-use village character extends eastward, paralleling Pleasant Grove and offering a more direct campus entry from I-295. Surrounding the core expansion on the other sides, new office buildings, parking structures and other proposed infill uses complete the existing campus fabric.

The west campus expands the MOB I complex with lined parking structures and a residential component. Adjacent to Rainbow Station, two transitional care houses frame a new street of rowhouses and live-work units that connects to the adjacent retail.

The central campus is focused around a new entrance plaza marked by the signature tower and a tall bed wing. Both the new Memorial Main Street and a more direct entry from Meadowbridge Road access the elongated arrival plaza, flanked by water features. The emergency entrance has a dedicated narrower drive just to the west. The overall roofscape is completed by a network of new office buildings and lined parking structures. Following the charrette, a new medical office building for an orthopedic physicians group was proposed on the cell tower site opposite the new main entrance.

The east campus is the mixed-use, village entry from the I-295 interchange, marked prominently by a proposed hotel tall enough to have highway visibility. The entrance at Meadowbridge Road opens to a street of shops, cafes, signature medical office buildings and specialty pavilions. This thoroughfare, Memorial Main Street, connects the hotel to the new MRMC main entrance.

Existing: Aerial Rendering of the Memorial Regional Medical Campus. Proposed: Aerial Rendering of the Memorial Regional Medical Campus. The Atlee Road driveway remains an important entry point to the western campus and its proposed medical office buildings, the Sheltering Arms wing, and direct access to the main lobby and hospital cafeteria. The easternmost campus entry off of Meadowbridge opens to the new Memorial Main Street. The arrival intersection presents a welcoming village feel with shops, restaurants, and outdoor cafes as a neighborhood context for the medical pavilions and office buildings beyond. Memorial Main Street is lined with colonnaded office buildings and medical pavilions, and passes by the daycare center. The street is on axis with the new main hospital entrance and arrival fountain. A signature tower marks the entrance to the plaza. Proposed: Memorial Regional Medical Campus full build-out.

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