Location: Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 2010
Status: planned
Size: 866 acres

Grandhome started as one of the projects in the Scottish Sustainable Communities Initiative Charrette Series. The site was identified for its potential to operate as a major urban extension and a complete town. At 320 hectares, Grandhome is large enough to provide an example of a new community developed by a single landowner, the Grandhome Trust.

Strategically located between the airport and the city centre, the site is able to accommodate approximately 7,000 dwellings of the 12,000 recently proposed by the City and Shire Structure Plan. To be developed as a mixed-use urban area including jobs and retail, the Grandhome site is envisioned as a new sub-center for Aberdeen across the River Don. The single ownership of the area enables a high degree of control with regards to design and placemaking.

This new sub-centre will provide much-needed amenities for surrounding suburban areas while generating a sense of community. In addition, with its emphasis on a reduction in car use and increased access to public transport, the settlement would ultimately reduce commuting and enable residents to be less dependent on their cars.

Illustrative view of Main Street with mixed-use buildings on both sides. 1127-02 1127-03 1127-04 1127-05 1127-DetailPlan

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