Aerial Rendering of the towers at Midtown Ribeirao
Location: Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brazil
Project Categories: Urbanism
Year Started: 2011
Status: process
Size: 3.7 acres

Located along a busy thoroughfare in Ribeiraõ Preto in a neighborhood experiencing rapid growth, this mixed-use complex of mid-rise towers is organized around a narrow, pedestrian-friendly street. A vital street-level urbanism defined by restaurants and shopfronts on this 1.5 hectare site is made possible via the use of underground parking decks.

Rather than concentrating the maximum number of units in the fewest towers possible, the concept explored in Midtown was the distribution of the site’s FAR of 5 and maximum population density of 2000 in as many structures as necessary to secure the creation of an urban quarter with a sense of place and memorable identity.

The images featured here indicate the early design intent, with a gateway building and towers atop a podium, as solar orientation and spatial definition were reconciled. The central axis of the development, a winding spine road, connects a major regional boulevard to an intimate neighborhood park.

The overall plan envisions the development as part of a larger block that is slated to receive three new high rises on adjoining parcels. Also examined was the viability of a school and 3 multifamily residential structures on one of the adjacent streets leading into the park.

With underground parking freeing the maximum buildable area, one criteria that regulated the number of towers was the setback requirement, stipulating that adjacent buildings must be spaced no closer than a third of their height.

The eight resulting residential towers provide 515 apartments, with 13 special loft units incorporated into their podiums. Proven, pre-existing tower floor layouts, were adapted and improved with minor adjustments.

The gateway building featuring an iconic archway is part of a hotel and office complex whose lobbies are kept separate from those of the residential development.

The master plan comprises 64,652 square meters of programmed space with three levels of underground parking. In addition to the 528 residential units, there are 2,428 m2 of ground floor retail space along the main street, comprising restaurants, bars and a cinema. The 161-room hotel houses a spa and health club facility. Last but not least, the adjacent commercial building provides 1,000 m2 of office space.

Aerial Rendering of the towers at Midtown Ribeirao Rendering of the Master Plan Rendering of a view from the park Rendering of the central pedestrian street Rendering of the gateway to Midtown

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