Woodmont Commons

East Side Center
Location: Londonderry, New Hampshire, USA
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 2010
Status: construction
Size: 633 acres

Spanning 629 acres bordering Interstate Highway 93 and adjacent to its newly planned exit 4A, Woodmont Commons is envisioned as a vibrant mixed-use urban village within the Town of Londonderry, a largely rural suburban community founded in 1722, 10 miles south of Manchester, NH. While it involves the redevelopment of a recently-closed apple orchard, the new village is also an extension and retrofit of an existing shopping center adjoining the orchard whose stores are to be enhanced with new frontages. Set amidst a network of walkable streets and public squares lined with a variety of restaurants and retail, and served by on-street and mid-block parking, an already refurbished supermarket and a future department store will anchor a village center that will also include a hospital, a school, a hotel, and the existing park-and-ride commuter facility that connects to Boston. Eastward across the I-93, the new exit 4A will provide direct access to another neighborhood of Woodmont Commons, a regional commercial and shopping district featuring national retailers, two hotels, and office space. The proposed village center and the business district will have a visible presence along the highway and create new gateways for the surrounding communities.

Woodmont Commons will honor the area’s and the property’s agrarian roots. A significant amount of the site is to be maintained as agricultural land and open space, including a proposed series of community gardens and a large degraded wetland being reclaimed as a public amenity with perimeter walking trails. The plan incorporates the existing apple trees as much as possible in median and street plantings, the landscaping of civic squares and community parks, and as hedge rows to define single-family parcel lines. An adaptive reuse of the orchard’s packing house currently imagines a cultural arts facility and recreation center.

The village’s outer edges will feature detached homes to be compatible with the adjacent single-family properties. Closer to the center of the village will be a range of attached dwelling options including townhouses, apartment buildings, and senior housing.

The proposed Master Plan anticipates an estimated 832,500 s.f. of retail, 1,300 new homes, 700,000 s.f. of commercial space, and three hotels, in addition to a number of neighborhood civic and arts facilities. The plan is divided into a number of phases and development will occur over a 20 year period.

Aerial View of City and Highway East Side Center School Aerial School Campus

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