Quartier Olimpia

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Project Categories: Urbanism
Year Started: 2010
Status: process
Size: 2.28 acres

The main idea governing the plan is the existence of two different scales of urbanism within the block. The pedestrian scale, at the level of the plaza, that is achieved by enclosing the space with a colonnade wrapping the central area, and by a three-story podium with private terraces and gardens that overlook the public plaza. This intermediate height, allows the taller buildings to setback from the foreground and further away from pedestrians. Shopfronts and landscape provide a backdrop for this smaller scale.

The larger scale of urbanism takes the background in a secondary role, allowing for denser development in response to property values and growth in the area. The focal point of the plan is the public plaza framed by buildings that vary in height.

Pedestrian access connecting the central plaza to the bordering streets encourage a pedestrian-friendly environment, with commercial activities at the street level. The main entrance to the plaza is through terraced steps representing the gateway to this destination.

Street trees surround the block providing shade and cooling, encouraging pedestrian activity and on-street parking.

Several vehicular entrances to the underground parking levels are located on the north and south sides of the block, and provide separate access to each building. A jewel building of special design is located on the plaza and is intended to have a lively use such as a flagship store or a restaurant.

The crescent colonnade provides a sense of enclosure and the relief of an urban oasis, tucked in between the buildings. The buildings also have private open spaces such as terraces and rooftop gardens, providing a variety of green areas strategically designed in the plan.

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