St. Mary's Campus

Location: Richmond, Virginia, USA
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 2009
Status: construction
Size: 54 acres

St. Mary’s Hospital is the flagship facility of the Bon Secours Health System in Richmond, Virginia. Advancing the Bon Secours mission “to bring people and communities to health and wholeness,” the Bon Secours leadership sponsored a weeklong charrette 6-14 November 2010 to engage hospital staff, administration, and supporters along with neighbors, municipal officials, and a team of design consultants to develop of vision for the next 40 years.

Strategically located at the western reaches of historic Monument Avenue, the hospital property bridges the boundary between the City of Richmond and Henrico County. The St. Mary’s campus accommodates a daily population of over 3000 and with related visits, can be compared with the activity of a small town center. A well regarded neighbor and a beloved institution, St. Mary’s is bordered by single family homes. As the campus has grown to approximately 54 acres, issues of traffic and noise have become points of discussion. Plans for a future address neighborhood needs for calm and privacy as well as offering the amenities of the institution. This Master Plan acknowledges that there is aneed to plan for an expected expansion that, by 2050, will roughly triple the existing facility. Goals that emerged from the process which provide guidelines for the future plan included the aspirations to:

  • identify a growth strategy that accommodates anticipated program expansion needs of the hospital while contributing to a welcoming and walkable environment to neighbors, visitors, and patients.
  • develop St. Mary’s streetscape and landscape to express its history as a venerable neighborhood institution and regional destination.
  • coordinate circulation into and within the campus for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic with defined entrances for service, ambulances, patients, visitors and staff, both in cars and on foot within the campus and inside the buildings.
  • identify and reinforce opportunities to provide wellness services and complementary uses that serve the campus, neighborhood, and region.

This document describes the results of the institution’s proactive leadership to plan for growth that enhances the function of the hospital as well as provides a healthy community for its constituents and neighbors. The hospital campus as a catalyst for a compact, mixed-use, and lifelong neighborhood offers a new model for growth and in doing so, expresses the Bon Secours mission through tangible physical form.

Aerial View of Hopsital Green Proposed Hospital Master Plan Proposed Liner Building in Georgian Style

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