Business Oasis

Location: Dammam, KSA
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 2009
Status: adopted
Size: 74 acres

Positioned within Dammam’s city limits, the Business Oasis Development site is located west of the city’s downtown core. The development site is DPZ's second project located within the city's CBD Zone. This location will allow the development to serve those who currently work in the city’s downtown as well as attract international business firms, their employees and families.

The design was geared towards a more traditional Saudi, urban and architectural vernacular, but with the use of modern materials; continuing to preserve the human scale of the project. The blocks and streets for Business Oasis were laid out to maximize connectivity within the site while also allowing for as many connections to the greater Dammam existing and future street grid as possible. This is of great importance since the anticipated density for this site warrants the provision of a connected urban street network. This context-based thoroughfare network is carefully designed for safe and efficient multimodal transit that will include pedestrian and vehicular options while simultaneously planning for future mass public transportation.

The structure of the plan has been deliberately laid out in a compact, walkable and mixed-use manner to provide a truly sustainable and liveable community. All blocks have direct street access on at least 2 sides which is necessary given the allowable development potential of each parcel. In addition, most blocks provide cross-block pedestrian-only streets and paths to further facilitate movement through the site. Public open spaces have been evenly distributed throughout the site to maximize their use and to provide all adults and children abundant access to civic places of relaxation and enjoyment within less than 2 blocks from their residence. More private open space in the form of courtyards and playgrounds are also provided within the blocks themselves. Civic amenities, such as the Jummah Mosque in the town center plaza and an educational facility were all strategically placed so that all residents were within a 5 minute walk of both an educational facility and Mosque.

Aerial view of the master plan, future surrounding context is rendered in white. Business Oasis master plan, 2009. 0906-03 0906-04 0906-05

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