Federal City

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 2009
Status: construction
Size: 233 acres

Federal City is an infill project that retrofits an 1849 US Navy Support Area along the Mississippi River into a prototype for future federal office complexes and small to medium Department of Defence installations. In 2005, an order to decommission the base and move its functions to the nearby Belle Chasse Naval Base was given, leaving the urban site under-utilized. The Algiers Development District and newly formed New Orleans Federal Aliance, recognizing the negative effect that decommissioning would have upon the adjacent Algiers neighborhoods, sought to re-purpose the property both to retain a federal presence and to maintain economic activity in the neighborhood.

The Federal City plan encompasses the naval site along with an adjacent brownfield redevelopment site to the East. It establishes two principal models of future federal office complexes: secured perimeter federal offices with pedestrian access to a town for those tenants in need of highly restrictive security, and a second office type integrated into the town that allows for easy access to civilian clientele, such as passport agencies. Both types respect the most restrictive Department of Defense security standards while maintaining a compact and complete urban settlement.

Other elements of the plan include on-site power generation, urban agriculture, and an integrated educational campus comprising elementary, high school, and college.

Aerial View Aerial View of the Schools Master Plan View of Campus Block View

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