Carlton Landing

Location: Eufaula, Oklahoma, USA
Project Categories: Urbanism
Year Started: 2008
Status: construction
Size: 1000 acres

Located about one hundred and twenty miles east of Oklahoma City and eighty miles west of Tulsa, Carlton Landing is a 1000-acre development on the shores of Lake Eufaula - the largest man-made reservoir in Oklahoma and a vacation spot for many families. The Humphreys Company, a real estate development firm based in Oklahoma City, led the development of Carlton Landing based on the principles of new urbanism.

Located near the town of Eufaula, access is provided from Highway 9A. Existing features include mature vegetation, natural gas wells, and ample access to the lake. The southern portion has steep bluffs overlooking the lake, while the remainder of the site consists of gently rolling topography. The highest portion of the site is relatively clear and flat with good soils suitable for agriculture. A small island on the east side of the property is located within the Army Corps of Engineers jurisdiction, but can host activities in temporary structures.

Carlton Landing was designed to be a sustainable community complete with amenities and features that enhance its livability. It features a town center composed of shops, restaurants, live/ work housing, and a generous park overlooking the lake. There is also a mix of condominiums, townhouses, and cottages. Further from the town center are houses and larger estates nestled on larger lots. Civic amenities, such as a middle school, a church, and a community pool with clubhouse are included. A large area for agriculture is reserved for residents of the community to grow their own food, coupled with a farmers’ market facility for management, processing, and the sale of produce.

In addition to the town center, Carlton Landing has three distinct neighborhoods. The first features large greens and is located on the entrance road. The second is concentrated around the agricultural fields and farmers’ market. The third neighborhood, located on the western side of the property, is oriented amphitheater-style around an existing pond. The island on the eastern side features equestrian trails, a marina facility, and dormitories for summer camps. The property will have its own sewer treatment plant. Carlton Landing will feature Light Imprint, an advanced rainwater mitigation technique. The design tools will highlight and celebrate rainwater in the parks, streets, lots, and alongside buildings. Light Imprint will allow kids and adults to experience rain playfully, while saving infrastructure costs and making Carlton Landing more affordable.

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