Huckelberry Creek

Location: Panama City, Florida, USA
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 2007
Status: process
Size: 2045 acres

On approximately 2000 acres of newly annexed land, Huckelberry Creek’s development will guide Panama City’s growth into multiple traditional neighborhoods and hamlets lightly interwoven amidst the site’s numerous wetlands and lakes, varied plant communities and a creek which runs the entire length of the site. Huckelberry Creek is designed to attract a diverse population of residents, including a growing population of aging adults interested in a walkable, active lifestyle.

A large lake terminating the axes of a radial network of streets serves as the focal point for Huckelberry Creek’s town center. The City Hall, framing one of the many vistas, functions duly as a community gathering place as well as a northern civic center for greater Panama City. This civic center also includes the town library and museum which further showcases the area’s natural diversity and opens up to the lake’s scenic waterfront framed by lofty cypress trees. A welcome center flanked by a fire station and police station anchors the other side of the civic center. Mixed-use buildings with retail on the ground floor and residential units above line pedestrian friendly streets and offer shops, restaurants and daily conveniences within walking distance to residents. In addition to the civic center, the town center will also be home to a medical campus, a hotel, an outdoor amphitheater and band stands. The interconnection of urban and natural amenities, as well as diverse residential typologies, provides walkability and more sustainable living.

Outside of the town center, most of the 6,000 proposed residential units will integrate seamlessly with the site’s lush landscape and include a mix of villas, houses and cottages inspired by Panama City’s historical architecture. Larger lots clustered in rural hamlets provide additional amenities, such as an equestrian center, while bungalow courts will provide an increased level of affordability within a communal setting featuring front porches fronting a common green space. To connect residents and visitors to the site’s numerous recreational amenities and ecology, a system of walkways and nature trails, specifically designed to showcase the different natural habitats, wind under the canopies of long leaf pines and cypresses. Additionally, two golf courses, a par three and a standard 9-hole course, will provide more recreational opportunities.

As planned, Huckelberry Creek’s ecological sensitivity, diversity of uses, walkability and mixture of rural and urban amenities will honor Panama City’s expansion with sustainable neighborhoods for generations to come.

Aerial View of the Town Center Golf Course Master Plan Residential Street Bungalow Court

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