Pedestrian Passage
Location: Newburgh, New York, USA
Project Categories: Urbanism
Year Started: 2007
Status: unbuilt
Size: 30 acres

Located sixty miles north of New York City in the Hudson River Valley, Newburgh is a small city which lost its waterfront area to the Urban Renewal movement of the 1960s. The proposed waterfront masterplan, developed through a public-private partnership, uses traditional neighborhood planning mechanisms to both rejuvenate the district and provide waterfront civic space to the City.

The planned area comprises ten, discontinuous parcels directly adjacent to the Hudson River on moderate to steeply sloping land. Beyond planning for new construction on these sites, the masterplan also offers recommendations for other undeveloped sites within the waterfront district and adjacent areas, in order to fully connect the existing downtown with the proposed waterfront development. The plan also advocates historic preservation measures, including the restoration of key historic buildings and public spaces damaged by Urban Renewal,such as Colden Street and Clinton Square.

More than five hundred residential units are provided, most of which are multi-family units in keeping with the dense, urban nature of the project and its context. In addition to the residential component, the plan features several riverside parks, plazas, a hotel, office buildings, a fishers’ market, fishing piers, an amphitheater, and a rapid transit terminus. A boardwalk and tree-lined waterfront promenade also provide space for relaxation and enjoyment of the natural environment.

Broadway, which is downtown Newburgh’s main thoroughfare and one of the widest streets in the State of New York, is reconfigured and enhanced, creating an improved connection between the existing downtown and the waterfront. Intermintently-placed squares are introduced along the street, transforming the wide thoroughfare into a pedestrian-friendly parkway. Lined with shops, restaurants and cafés, the parkway will also be able to accommodate a rapid transit line to the Newburgh airport, which is currently in accessible from downtown despite its nearby location. At the end of Broadway, the parkway widens to accommodate a new college quadrangle.

The City’s signature public space is a green and terraced staircase at the base of Broadway, on the edge of the Hudson. The space, which includes an amphitheater, is framed by tall gateway buildings with the Hudson River at the base, providing a space for public performances and other city-wide gatherings.

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