Downtown Doral

Location: Doral, Florida, USA
Project Categories: Urbanism
Year Started: 2005
Status: construction
Size: 120 acres

By revamping an out-of-date office park into a high-density, mixed-use development, the Downtown Doral project will provide the City of Doral with a central business and civic district. The City, which was independently incorporated in 2003, initially grew as a series of disparate parcels that included a world renowned golf club, isolated subdivisions, shopping centers and a warehouse district, though it never had a pedestrian-oriented core.

Downtown Doral will replace one million square feet of office space with 2,840 residential units, over one million square feet of commercial space, including 180,000 sf of retail and 400,000 sf of new class 'A' office space, and civic features such as an elementary school, a library and a new City Hall.

The current municipal center is housed in one of the existing office buildings. The master plan preserves the existing public rights-of-way and underground infrastructure, yet introduces new structures, thoroughfares and public spaces. All of the streets will be scaled for the pedestrian, with high density condominium towers rising above a steady podium of residential and retail uses that screen mid-block parking structures. All the main thoroughfares shall be lined with ground floor shops and/or townhouses.

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