Miami 21

Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 2005
Status: adopted
Size: 35514 acres

As a response to Miami’s rapid growth, the City’s Planning Department commissioned DPZ to completely overhaul the zoning code and create a plan for the next century of development. Taking on a holistic approach to urban policy and land use planning, the study, dubbed Miami 21, assumed a scope broader than that of a traditional master plan, ultimately providing the city with the largest-known application of a form-based code. Miami 21 will transform the way the City of Miami manages zoning, economic development, transportation, historic preservation, parks and open space.

The cornerstone of the Miami 21 project is the transformation of Miami’s existing land-use-based zoning code into a form-based code. Upon completion, the new code will offer a more efficient, predictable, and comprehensive approach to urban development. In particular, the predictability of the new code will greatly diminish the need for zoning amendments that achieve short term solutions, but not long term goals. The efficiency of the new code will also speed up the permitting process and encourage continued investment and revitalization throughout the City of Miami.

As the lead consultant for Miami 21, DPZ is working closely with the City of Miami, alongside a nationally recognized team of sub-consultants which include Economic Research Associates, Goody Clancy, Gannett Fleming, and The National Trust, as well as a wide array of citizen groups. In order to bring the project to a manageable scale, and to best understand the nuances of individual neighborhoods, DPZ divided the city into four distinct quadrants. The new zoning code for the East Quadrant is expected to be implemented by the fall of 2006, following which another quadrant will be planned, with another group of city officials and local stakeholders. The entire process is estimated to be completed within 2 years.

City of Miami zoning atlas Implications of the T6-24 zone, image by James Wassell Implications of the T6-12 zone, image by James Wassell Implications of the T6-8 zone, image by James Wassell Implications of the T5-O zone, image by James Wassell Implications of the T4-R zone, image by James Wassell Implications of the T4-O zone, image by James Wassell Implications of the T3-R zone, image by James Wassell

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