Springhill Lake

Master Plan
Location: Greenbelt, Maryland, USA
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 2005
Status: unbuilt
Size: 157 acres

Springhill Lake, located in Greenbelt, Maryland, currently consists of 2,899 apartment units on approximately 157 acres. AIMCO, the largest apartment owner in the country, purchased the property for redevelopment and hired DPZ to design the site as a transit- oriented neighborhood. The design explores the idea of urban super-blocks with large apartment buildings on the exterior of the blocks and lower-density units in the interior, while the architectural style is inspired by historic Greenbelt and Connecticut Avenue in Washington, DC.

Two 10-story towers mark the entrance into the community at the north end of the site, making it visible from the D.C. Beltway (I-495). Beyond the towers lies the main plaza of the neighborhood center, which will include shops, restaurants, and other amenities. Next to the site are the Greenbelt Elementary and Greenbelt Middle Schools. While existing roads and infrastructure are being maintained, a new pedestrian pathway will connect the site to the nearby Greenbelt Metro Station.

The project will occur in successive phases of approximately 400 units each. A minimal number of existing apartment units will be demolished during each phase, leaving the remaining apartments to produce income until the start of the next phase. A variety of unit types, both for sale and for rent, are included in the program.

Town Center Live-Work Units
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