FEC Railway Corridor

Aerial view of the Edge Square.
Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Project Categories: Codes
Year Started: 2003
Status: Adopted
Size: 2000 acres

The Florida East Coast Railway Corridor Master Plan and Regulating Plan was prepared by DPZ at the behest of the City of Miami Department of Planning and Zoning. This commission gave DPZ the opportunity to study the effects of applying its Transect-based SmartCode to the FEC Corridor. A weeklong design charrette was held in March 2003 to involve stakeholders, property owners, and representatives of the City of Miami Department of Planning and Zoning in the planning process. A series of meetings at the start of the charrette produced the following goals for the Master Plan and Regulating Plan: to improve the quality of pedestrian experience; to ensure the highest quality of street frontage in all infill and rebuilding; to improve and make explicit connections to Biscayne Bay; to preserve and enhance the character of existing neighborhoods.

The resulting documents include many of the proposals of the FIU and Zyscovich FEC Corridor Strategic Redevelopment Plan (2002) as well as new ideas explored in the charrette. Included in the report are rendered plans and perspectives and the new SmartCode zoning regulations, tailored to the needs of the study area. It is hoped that the Master Plan and Regulating Plan will guide the City of Miami in its efforts to promote good urban design and to improve the character and quality of this part of the city.

0306-01 Aerial view of the Edge Square. View of a transit stop View of the FEC edge and the Biscayne Bay.

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