Aerial Perspective
Location: Perth, Australia
Project Categories: Urbanism
Year Started: 2002
Status: Planned
Size: 112 acres

Jindee is a parcel of 112 hectares situated approximately 37 kilometers northwest of Perth and approximately 8 kilometers north of the Quinns Rock residential estate. The Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) coastal reserve abuts the western boundary, and Marmion Avenue, the eastern boundary. The land is zoned “Urban” under the MRS, with a small portion at the trig point on Eglinton Hill in the southeast corner reserved for “Parks and Recreation”.

The final plan incorporates and develops elements from previous designs in 1994 and 2002. It carefully responds to the site’s climatic and coastal place-making demands while still creating an identifiable neighborhood structure that is subtle and sophisticated in its details. The slight deflections, intimate open spaces, and careful representation of the urban-to-rural transect in the design all contribute to the impression that the neighborhoods have evolved over time.

Each of the two neighborhoods is approximately 0.8 kilometers across, in accordance with the five-minute edge-to-center pedestrian shed. Open spaces for public use are typically surrounded by higher density housing and mixed-use buildings. The street network connects to the adjacent towns, with the main street terminating at what promises to be a vibrant town center on the waterfront. Special care was taken to ensure that the public would have ample access to the beach area, and views are extended as far inland as possible. To maximize this desirable location and to support the varied functions of a town center, a higher range of density is distributed at this end of Jindee. Included will be a resort hotel with onsite conference facilities and additional amenities that will be available to the general public.

South of the two neighborhoods is a linear piece of larger platted lots that aim to protect the natural vegetation from overdevelopment. This area will be zoned as Reserve and Preserve and will be nested between two areas on its western and eastern sides that are zoned Park Reservations. Farther south is a small sub-urban neighborhood that sits outside the pedestrian shed, yet still manages to place its residents within an easy ten-minute walk of the town center.

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