Wesmont Station

Rendering of the Wood Ridge train station
Location: Wood-Ridge, New Jersey, USA
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 2002
Status: In Process
Size: 152 acres

Wesmont Station is a transit-oriented development that will occupy the site of the former Curtiss-Wright factory in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey. The site, which was used for plane construction in World War II, had been largely abandoned since the ‘80s, prior to the development initiative. Despite the inherent difficulties involved in rehabilitating such an immense industrial property, the site is an enviable one. Most notably, it is located along the New Jersey transit line, just three stops from Penn Station and eleven miles from midtown Manhattan. The easy 30-minute commute to Manhattan makes Wesmont Station a top candidate for a successful mixed-use and transit-oriented town center.

From the beginning, the town and designers wanted to ensure that Wesmont Station would not become just another housing development next to a commuter station, but rather a complete neighborhood with a station at its core. Rather than merely providing parking for commuters, the community station supports a range of uses—shops, offices, and apartments—that fosters a lively environment at all times of the day. Additionally, the station and the surrounding mixed-use district will be within walking distance of residents, eliminating the need for many to drive.

Sized at nearly a third of its bourough, the project will include more than 700 housing units, a new train station and a mixed-use town center. Upon completion, the development will bring the borough approximately 2,500 new residents.

The plan was inspired by some of the most successful and best-loved towns of the region, including Ridgewood and Radburn in New Jersey and Forest Hills in New York.

Rendering of the Wood Ridge train station Masterplan Rendering of a mixed-use retail street Rendering of typical pedestrian street Rendering of residential neighborhood Plan and Section

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