La Primavera

Location: Leon, Mexico
Project Categories: Urbanism
Year Started: 2001
Status: planned
Size: 600 acres

Located in León, Mexico, the La Primavera project demonstrates how the discipline of the neighborhood learned from traditional urbanism may be applied to the scale of the city. Thanks to a combination of favorable circumstances—including a generously sized, unbuilt site bordered by an area with a history of sensible town and village development it was possible to create a traditional neighborhood development with a minimum of compromise. Nevertheless, certain site characteristics posed a challenge to bringing traditional urban theory into practice. One of the most significant of these is a series of long irrigation canals that crisscross the property. The grid of agricultural parcels created by the canals dictates the orthogonal pattern of the neighborhoods, the shape of the civic central plaza, and the layout of the commercial frontage.

The elongated and narrow configuration of the site influences the internal organization and character of the community. The principle avenues and the lot orientations are arranged along the east-west axis, bisected by a large park and several existing outparcels that intrude into the property. The required reserve areas provide the opportunity to incorporate a scattered collection of farms and gardens into a coherent open space system for La Primavera. Connecting these areas to the community could eventually provide a continuous network of large open spaces traversing the entire site.

Though the site is also located along a major highway on the outskirts of León, there is an opportunity to establish a regional commercial center at the heart of the development, away from the heavy traffic of the busy road. Secondary access to the property, separate from the highway and future connecting roads, still allows for a tranquil residential experience.

Aerial View of the Town Center Aerial View Master Plan Street View View of Town Center Residential Street View of Canal Houses Pedestrian Path

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