VOICES FROM THE FUTURE – THE DPZ INTERNS: This summer we had the pleasure of reanimating our internship program with five outstanding young people, who we know will go on to shape the built environment of the future. We thought it would be nice to highlight some of their comments about what they learned during their time at DPZ and how it is impacting the way they see the world:

  • CECILIA McCAMMON (University of Miami): “It was such an amazing experience to intern for DPZ this summer. I appreciate that DPZ is like a little family and no matter how long you are away there is always a warm welcome back. I loved being able to participate on the charrette in Windsor and getting to catch a glimpse of how the design responds to different client requests. It was particularly interesting how creative each scheme can be—thinking beyond the usual urban planning methods of today. Andres mentioned Burning Man several times which taught me that we can take various activities or life experiences and transform them into built urban schemes.”
  • ISABELLA ZAYAS (University of Miami): “Interning at DPZ granted me lots of valuable academic and career experience in the field of architecture and urban design. I focused mostly on archival work but I had the chance to help design a map diagram for a project logo and it helped me become more proficient in Photoshop which was great! I also had the opportunity to sit in during a charrette and it was very eye-opening to see the presentation as well as the interactions between architects and developers in a high-stakes environment. All in all, I’m very grateful to have been given this great opportunity explore my passion in a professional setting.” 
  • JUNIPER ROSE HENTZ (University of Georgia, MA Program): “My path to DPZ began through conducting research for my thesis and making friendly connections in the last place one would think: rural Georgia farm country. I feel that just goes to show how DPZ has friends everywhere. Though my time at DPZ was far too short, I have returned to UGA with an entirely new outlook on the planning profession. My head is still buzzing with everything I have learned: from exciting innovations in the making to real-world minutiae and big picture facets of the planning profession. Ultimately, I learned that this is the field I want to work in.”
  • MATTHEW JARAMILLO (University of Miami): “My goal has always been to graduate and immediately obtain my license to practice architecture. My experience at DPZ has given me insight into many aspects of a firm, some being meeting with clients, the design process, and learning about a site. Throughout my time at the office, not only has everyone been very kind and helpful, but also, they have taken the time to teach me things about the profession. I am extremely excited to continue learning and developing my skills at DPZ!”
  • TINA KESHAVARZ (River City Science Academy): “When I grew up in Iran, my cousins and I frequently visited parks, playgrounds, or even simply spent time in my grandmother’s garden. There was room to walk, explore, and absorb life. The more you observe and think about where you live, you’re bound to realize there is not an adequate balance of intimacy or privacy within city boundaries. As builders, innovators, leaders, and citizens, we must reflect on the past and its consequences to strive to be better. Find the closest balance between closeness, privacy, affordability, and mindfulness towards nature for the planet we eventually leave behind.”

THEY SAY A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS, AND IN THIS CASE TWO PICTURES ARE WORTH EVEN MORE: From a recent visit to DPZ project Norton Commons in Kentucky, an aerial photo of the built condition makes for a wonderful comparison with the rendering and vision that inspired it. The pencil drawing of the central square was done by Chris Ritter on a post-charrette team over 21 years ago. You can see more photos and information on the project here.


AN HONOR FOR ONE OF OUR FAVORITE FORMER DPZ-ERS: We were thrilled to see that Jeff Speck has been named the recipient of the 2022 Seaside Prize! The Seaside Institute awards the Prize each year to individuals, organizations, or places that have made major contributions to the quality of community building and place making. Jeff’s tireless promotion of walkability, diversity, beauty, and sustainability in our towns and cities makes him a most worthy recipient. We are proud of his many post-DPZ accomplishments and appreciate his frequent mentions of Andres and Lizz as his mentors. The Institute will hold the 29th Annual Seaside Prize March 4-6, 2022 and DPZ will be there to celebrate him! Tickets go on sale in October, and you can see the entire announcement here.


APA FLORIDA HONORS NORTH BAY VILLAGE:  Congratulations to North Bay Village for receiving an Award of Merit from the American Planning Association Florida for the NBV100 Master Plan. NBV is the only city to receive this prestigious award in the State of Florida for a community under 50,000 residents. This award emphasizes the city’s commitment to protect and enhance the natural and built environment of NBV. In 2019, NBV embarked on a planning process to create a vision for the next 25 years. Collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders, residents, and the leadership of North Bay Village, DPZ CoDESIGN drafted the NBV100 Master Plan, equipping the Village with the tools to become a more complete, sustainable, and economically successful community that can adapt to the challenges of a changing climate. Structured around three pillars: Livability, Resiliency, and Prosperity, NBV100 will shape the future of the Village. DPZ is honored to have collaborated with the NBV community, city leadership, and city staff in forging a path to a more resilient NBV!



  • In CNU’s Public Square, a survey from MoveGuru shows that Miami has the greatest potential for meeting the goals of the 15-Minute City as laid out by Andres Duany and Rob Steuteville. Miami was followed in the rankings by San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Boston and Washington, DC.
  • A shout out to Andres in this lovely interview with Anna Lowder of City Loft Corporation in Authority Magazine about the things female founders need to thrive and succeed in business. Anna is co-founder and director of Hampstead, a 416-acre New Urbanist community in Montgomery, Alabama, where she leads the town planning, design, construction, and marketing.
  • And speaking of interviews, make sure you tune in on Thursday, October 7th at 12:00PM ET to hear Galina interview DPZ friend and collaborator Marianne Cusato. Part of an online series sponsored by the ICAAINTBAU, and The Prince’s Foundation entitled “The Architecture of Place: In Conversation with…” , Marianne, Galina and architect Ben Bolgar will be taking turns interviewing each other about place making and the impact of good design. Galina will be interviewed by Ben on December 8th. A Q&A with university students will follow each interview. For registration details: https://www.classicist.org/the-architecture-of-place-in-conversation-with/