DPZers and significant others (including alumni who’ve recently co-designed with us) joined together to celebrate at the annual holiday party on December 15th, 2023.

Happy Holidays from DPZ!

As the year comes to a close we want to take a moment to look back at the events and accomplishments of 2023 and share a few updates and achievements.

2023 was a volatile year globally and the development world also remains unpredictable. Yet, for DPZ, it was a year of continued productivity. It brought another round of charrettes, continued research, ongoing implementation of our community codes and plans, speaking opportunities, and a few awards and special recognitions along the way. We are thrilled to wrap up the year by recapping some of these highlights that underscore our mission to enable those who inhabit our communities to live more sustainable, resilient, and happier lives.

To read and learn more in depth about our work this past year, check out the other posts on the DPZ Pulse.

DPZ-ers at the National Building Museum
DPZ Founding Partner Lizz Plater-Zyberk with Dolores Hayden and Ellen Dunham-Jones at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC.

Fall Presentations by EPZ

Lizz Plater-Zyberk had an eventful 2023 with a number of presentations and engagements. This past November saw two notable conferences that featured her as a panelist: a keynote lecture at the ICAA National Conference in Charleston, SC, on November 4th (Enduring Places) and a CNU discussion on Gender Equity and Urban Planning on November 14th.

Click here to read more about Enduring Places.

Senen Antonio
DPZ Partner Senen Antonio speaking at the ULI 2023 Spring Meeting in Toronto.

ULI 2023 Spring Council Day – Toronto

DPZ Partner Senen Antonio was invited by the Urban Land Institute Community Development Council (ULI CDC) Gold Flight to speak at the 2023 Spring Council Day as part of the ULI Spring Meeting in Toronto this past May. Senen was part of a roster of seven speakers comprising leaders in various areas of the development industry.

As the recipient of the Randall Lewis Small Grant program, which seeks to incorporate topics of health and well-being at the Product Council level, Senen spoke on the principles for creating sustainable and resilient communities.

View the full event recap here.

Project Updates

Digital rendering of Windsor North Village
Digital renderings courtesy of NQS-IF Studio

Windsor North Village – Vero Beach, FL

Rethinking Sprawl
Porta Norte

35 years after the original charrette, this coming year sees Windsor break ground on the final large phase of development with the North Village.

Tucked between a pair of lakes, a collection of estate homes and townhouses will join the new fitness center at the northwest corner of the community.

A refreshed evolution of Windsor’s Anglo-Caribbean architecture will exude a more contemporary feel amidst a dense native landscape—acknowledging the proximity to a restored wildlife refuge to the north and Indian River Lagoon to the west.

Click here to read more about the project.

Port of Kennewick

Port of Kennewick – Kennewick, WA

Rethinking Sprawl
Porta Norte

DPZ client, the Port of Kennewick, is celebrating a number of new projects and updates, including habitat restoration, investment in multiple city projects, and way-finding signage added to their waterfront.

This new signage in particular allows for local food, wine, and amenities to be highlighted for visitors.

Click here to learn more.

Utah City Vineyard rendering

Vineyard – Utah City, UT

Rethinking Sprawl
Porta Norte

The new TOD in Utah is now breaking ground. The ambitious 300-acre development will host over 20 million square feet of new buildings of every use, including 17,000 residential units and a town center.

This means the Utah development is planned with the density and amenities of a big city downtown that is groundbreaking for the area.

Click here to learn more.

Naples Design District
Image courtesy of Gulfshore Business

Naples Design District – Naples, FL

Rethinking Sprawl
Porta Norte

Plans for DPZ’s Naples Design District have started taking shape this past fall. The 2021 Master Plan envisioned a walkable local district that could become as well-known as the nearby Fifth Avenue South (DPZ Master Plan, 1993) but with its own eclectic and art-infused flair.

The CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) approved a Demonstration Project for the Design Walk, intended to serve as an example of the “tactical and lean” activation of the alleys. In November, a workshop with the property and business owners of the first block took place to begin the first phase of the Design Walk.

Click here to read more.

Aerial rendering of Evo City Cavite, Manila, Philippines
Drawings courtesy of Philippine Daily Inquirer

Evo City – Cavite, Manila, Philippines

Rethinking Sprawl
Porta Norte

Evo City, a 200ha estate in Cavite, Manila in the Philippines, is rapidly becoming a progressive economic center. Partnered with developers, Ayala Land, the area has transformed a visionary concept into a reality.

The continued development and success of this project is shaping up to further cement DPZ’s international presence and accomplishments.

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Aerial view of Chapleton, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Image courtesy of Chapleton’s blog

Chapelton – Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Rethinking Sprawl
Porta Norte

180 new houses and retail units have been approved for DPZ’s community in Chapelton by Abderdeenshire Council. This new planning approval will mark the largest development to date in the town.

The plan includes a neighborhood center and a range of two to five-bedroom houses as well as 11 new retail units.

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