“Q&A w/Andrés Duany” is a short format web series solely focused on curated questions on various topics through the lens of urbanism, answered by Andrés Duany.  Submit your questions below, yours might be selected for the next show!

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About Andrés Duany

Andrés Duany is an American architect, urban planner, and a founder of the Congress for the New Urbanism. He is a founding partner of DPZ CoDesign.

About DPZ CoDesign

DPZ CoDesign has been a leader in the practice of planning and urban design for over 40 years. Our philosophy is the platform of New Urbanism, a movement promoting mixed-use, traditional neighborhood planning over the segregated-use suburban sprawl seen worldwide. Co-founders of the Congress for New Urbanism (CNU), DPZ’s principals have been longtime advocates of urban growth through compact, pedestrian-friendly, transit-ready communities that continue to shape policy and have recently influenced new sustainability codes.