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Light Imprint


The Light Imprint (LI) initiative is a comprehensive development approach for the sensitive placement of development, calibrated across the Transect. Light Imprint planning/engineering techniques balance environmental considerations with design objectives such as connectivity and a well-defined public realm. While New Urbanist planning, by definition, respects terrain, geographical conditions, topography and public space, Light Imprint provides a toolkit for stormwater management using natural drainage, traditional engineering infrastructure and filtration practices - employed collectively at the scales of the sector, the neighborhood and the block. This toolkit offers a set of context-sensitive design solutions that result in a range of environmental benefits, an aesthetic approach to green infrastructure, and significantly lowered construction and engineering costs.

Conventional Infrastructure v. Light Imprint
The animation above demonstrates how the Light Imprint approach requires less infrastructure than a conventional site engineering approach.
Light Imprint Plan Comparison
The results of the master plan given the infrastructure approach chosen. Conventional v. Light Imprint.
DPZ implemented the Light Imprint Methodology in Griffin Park, South Carolina, resulting in a 31% cost savings over conventional methods and infrastructure.

Light Imprint Workshops

We are available to conduct workshops that teach Light Imprint to architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, planners, and community stakeholders. Workshops have been held in different parts of the United States. Most workshops include working sessions that give attendees the opportunity to draw a Light Imprint overlay on a project. Light Imprint as a design technique can be employed in most development environments, reducing environmental impacts and providing substantial infrastructure savings.

Light Imprint Techniques
Illustrations of various Light Imprint techniques employed in our project at Lockett, Tennessee.


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