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For over three decades, DPZ and Company has been a leader in promoting alternatives to suburban sprawl and urban disinvestment. Co-founders of the Congress for the New Urbanism (1993), DPZ partners are dedicated to research, innovation, and sharing knowledge. DPZ’s commitment to education for the benefit of municipalities, developers, students of design, and the general public, has resulted in a series of publications describing the challenges and the solutions for beautiful, sustainable places.

These publications, wholly or in large part produced by members of the firm, can help the reader understand the firm’s background. They can be acquired from their publishers or as instructed below.


Looking Backward: Notes on a Cultural Episode

This is one of a series of essays in the book Landscape Urbanism and its Discontent, which explores the debate over urban reform, often polarized around two competing paradigms: Landscape Urbanism and New Urbanism.
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A General Theory of Urbanism - Towards a System of Assessment [DRAFT]

This paper remarks upon the extraordinary persistence of Howard's Garden City idea. After demonstrating how this idea contains the golden mean of all positive urban and rural traits, it completes and updates Howard’s paradigm, and proposes its use in the planning profession as a Standard Model from which deviations are numerically measured. This paradigm is then tested on six diverse Hertfordshire communities, and finally applied in a case study of the transformation of Stevenage, with remarkable results.
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Livable Communities for Aging Populations

Livable Communities for Aging Populations focuses on community design to better accommodate an elderly population currently ill served by automobile-dependent environments.

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Garden Cities: Theory & Practice of Agrarian Urbanism

*Formerly titled: Theory & Practice of Agrarian Urbanism, Garden Cities: Theory and Practice of Agrarian Urbanism presents design strategies and management practices for comprehensively integrating food production into modern development across the transect, from small-scale rural farming to urban container gardening. Buy on Amazon


Sprawl Repair Manual

The Sprawl Repair Manual is an illustrated presentation of techniques to reconnect, infill, and re-purpose suburban sprawl, to make a more efficient and sustainable environment.

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Light Imprint Handbook

The Light Imprint Handbook describes a toolbox of techniques to more intelligently and aesthetically manage stormwater and natural drainage while minimizing the cost of civil infrastructure.

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The Smart Growth Manual

The Smart Growth Manual illustrates key elements and best practices of good town planning with historical and contemporary built examples, in an informative single concept per page format.

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The Architecture of DPZ

The Architecture of Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company traces the history of the architectural practice that has paralleled the DPZ urban practice, explaining the respect for context that has guided both.

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New Civic Art

The New Civic Art gathers over 1,000 illustrations of small to large international examples of valuable urban design and town planning lessons, with explanations of their techniques.

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The Lexicon of the New Urbanism

The Lexicon of the New Urbanism is a compendium of definitions, concepts, and techniques of urban design practice. Initiated by founding members of the Congress for the New Urbanism, it provides a common vocabulary of practice and documents the empirical knowledge of the discipline.
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The SmartCode

The SmartCode and the SmartCode Manual document a transect- and form-based zoning regulation that frames a vision of sustainable growth and redevelopment, from regional organization to streetscape detailing.
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Suburban Nation

Suburban Nation is a groundbreaking analysis of the detrimental ecological effects and societal costs of late 20th century automobile-based settlement patterns and policies. This has proven to be a popular introduction to the ideas behind our work--over 100,000 in print!

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Towns and Town-Making Principles

Towns & Town-Making Principles is an early catalogue of DPZ’s town plans, documenting the 1990 exhibit at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

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