University of Miami
The University of Miami School of Architecture is renown for its academic focus on traditional architecture and urbanism. DPZ employees have served the school as faculty, visiting lecturers and studio critics, and many have graduated from its professional and post-professional programs. Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk is dean of the School.

University of Notre Dame
Home to a rigorous program of architecture focused on classicism, Notre Dame hosts an exemplary program in architectural education.

Andrews University
Andrews teaches architecture through the lens of traditional urbanism, teaching students to understand its context and history. Student projects from Andrews have consistently been honored with CNU Charter Awards for their high-quality, comprehensive work.

Congress for the New Urbanism
DPZ is deeply involved with the CNU and the New Urbanism movement. Andrés Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk are among the founders of the movement and have dedicated their lives and practice to the pursuit and evolution of traditional urbanism. The CNU represents a groups of diverse professionals with a common goal of promoting mixed-use, mixed-income, compact and connected urban environments that have formed the basis of human civilization for thousands of years.

Center for Applied Transect Studies
The Center for Applied Transect Studies (CATS) promotes understanding of the built environment as part of the natural environment, through the planning methodology of the rural-to-urban transect. CATS supports interdisciplinary research, publication, tools, and training for the design, coding, building and documentation of resilient transect-based communities.

The Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment

The Seaside Institute
The Seaside Institute focuses its mission on providing continuing leadership in the multi-disciplinary field of New Urbanism.

The Hampstead Institute

The Sky Institute
The Mission of the Sky Institute is to implement pragmatic and sustainable strategies in design, energy, town planning, and agricultural production, and create and incubate transformational ideas that will nourish healthy communities and educate current and future generations.

United States Green Building Council
DPZ, along with the CNU and numerous others, helped to create the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - Neighborhood Design (LEED-ND) rating System, an addition to the developing body and knowledge of green and sustainable measures and metrics coming out of the USGBC.

American Institute of Architects

American Society of Landscape Architects

American Planning Association