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2013 Media

Tour a Pioneering Beach Town That Fosters Community
John Hill, Houzz
No cars, mixed-use zones, strict building codes ... a new book takes us inside Seaside, a champion of New Urbanism
2013-10-03, Full Article

Andres Duany and Emily Talen Respond to Michael Sorkin's Review of Landscape Urbanism and its Discontents: Dissimulating the Sustainable City
Emily Talen, Architectural Record
Andres Duany and Emily Talen respond to Michael Sorkins new urbanism accusations.
2013-08-13, Full Article

Cutting red tape; easing frustration
High Point Enterprise
Andres Duany will be teach High Point a lesson in planning and codes.
2013-08-12, Full Article

Markel Homes buys piece of Longmont neighborhood
Tony Kindelspire, Longmont Weekly
Markel Homes buys Longmont construction and site for homes that are yet to be built and designed by Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk.
2013-08-11, Full Article

Dacra gets $302M loan for Design Center development
Brian Bandell , South Florida Business Journal
2013-08-10, Full Article

West Tulsa planned community project is in the works
Robert Evatt,
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk gives Tulsa a lesson in suburban sprawl.
2013-08-08, Full Article

New Urbanist Designer Unveils Alternative Eisenhower Memorial Scheme
Kriston Capps, Architect Magazine
2013-08-08, Full Article

Cutting the red tape
Pat Kimbrough, High Point Enterprise
2013-08-04, Full Article

Small towns, big hearts: Port Hope and Cobourg give young and old a big welcome
Shari Kulha, Neighborhoods
2013-08-02, Full Article

PARTY LINE: Rain does not hinder locals in getting out
Deborah Wheeler,
2013-08-01, Full Article

VIEW Magazine Includes Article by Andrés Duany on Seaside
Andrés Duany, Seaside Florida
Andres Duany explains how seaside just works as a new town.
2013-07-30, Full Article

Construction to begin soon on Hughes Bull Street development
Jeff Wilkinson , Greenville Online
Construction begins soon for bull street a plan by Andres Duany, Duany Plater-Zyberk firm in Miami.
2013-07-30, Full Article

New Urbanism toward sustainable cities and communities
Felino A. Palafox Jr., Philippine Daily Inquirer
Andrés Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk the founders of the concept New Urbanism have been invited to the Philippines in hopes of teaching the different way of bringing mixed used to the country.
2013-07-29, Full Article

Sea-can opens for its first preview
Chanel Davis , High Point Enterprise
Andres from Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company is putting his container creative idea in display for High Point to see.
2013-07-25, Full Article

Even Teenagers Don't Want to Go to Malls Anymore
Kaid Benfield , The Atlantic Cities
Teenagers all over America have found themselves uninterested in the sprawl malls have created.
2013-07-24, Full Article

Key arts panel approves Gehry's Eisenhower Memorial design with suggested changes for DC site
Brett Zongker, Star Tribune
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk as a commissioner on the key arts project thinks the idea is 'wonderful'.
2013-07-18, Full Article

Malbis CVS controversy heads to court
Cory Pippin, My Fox 8
Malbis is having controversy over building a CVS pharmacy.
2013-07-18, Full Article

Bull Street: Construction to begin soon on city within city
Jeff Willkinson, The State
Bull Street after two years has just begun it's town construction.
2013-07-17, Full Article

Community Building Leads to Sustainability
David Bergman , Tree Hugger
Urban living has more sustainability than the traditional main-street as per Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company explaination.
2013-07-16, Full Article

New book details Seaside’s history
Kari C. Barlow , NWF Daily News
Dhiru A. Thadani writes a book about the visions of seaside and honors all those who put great efforts into such a beautiful town, such as Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater Zyberk.
2013-07-13, Full Article

Artist brings color to downtown High Point
Jordan Green , Yes Weekly
With all the creativity going on involving the High Point town inspires artist to bring color and design.
2013-07-13, Full Article

The Zoning Calamity That Is The Related Group's 'Element'
Sean McCaughan, Curbed
2013-07-10, Full Article

Resident says former alder sold out the Monroe Street neighborhood
Mike Ivey , The Cap Times
Andres Duany says cities should be built for the people not their cars.
2013-07-10, Full Article

Urban Planners Are Using Mind Control, Tyranny in Sustainable Development Project Seven50
Fire Ant , Broward Palm Beach
2013-07-10, Full Article

New Suburbanism: Reinventing Inner-ring Suburbs
D. Jamie Rusin, Ryan Call and Sean Slater , Urbanland
Galina of Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company, describes the need to repair sprawl.
2013-07-08, Full Article

Stilted Architecture
Karrie Jacobs , Metropolis Magazine
Looking back to what Andres Duany did to the Katrina Cottages.
2013-07-08, Full Article

UnCommonly convenient home of Jerry and Karen Zegart
Allison Jones, Courier Journal
Jerry and Karen Zegart are thrilled to be purchasing their home in Norton Commons. The Zegart's had stayed in Celebration, FL and loved the home models originally designed by Duany Plater-Zyberk and Coompany.
2013-07-08, Full Article

Arts leaders see cans’ potential
Vicki Knopfler, High Point Enterprise
Andres Duany is admired for the containers that will be mutilated through the city.
2013-07-07, Full Article

Columbia preservationists frustrated City Hall moving so fast on Bull Street
Dawn Hinshaw , The State
Andres Duany architect and new urbanist has saved old buildings and mixed them with new designs in Bull Street.
2013-06-30, Full Article

On making Uptowne, Cedrow Drive ‘walkable’
The High Point Enterprise
Roundabouts are a focus in the development of the new High Point town.
2013-06-27, Full Article

Small businesses recognized by chamber
Jordan Howse , The High Point Enterprise
Andres Duany has been given the go for the the chamber of commerce to continue the planning of High Point in it's master plan.
2013-06-25, Full Article

Stormwater and sprawl
Herald Tribune
Andres Duany shows drafts to continue smart no sprawl living in Sarasota.
2013-06-24, Full Article

Saturday's Letters
Leah Poole Vartanian, Herald Tribune
Sarasota looks back to compare what has been accomplished in Sarasota and what is with Andres Duany.
2013-06-22, Full Article

Bubil: Urban planner Duany has eye on 'original green'
Harold Bubil , Herald Tribune
Many in High Point Phoenix have mixed feelings about Andres Duany changing idealism.
2013-06-22, Full Article

'Diet' for Main Street?
Pat Kimbrough, The High Point Enterprise
Andres Duany has a big desire to transform N. Main Street in High Point.
2013-06-22, Full Article

City taking first steps to implement urban architect’s recommendations
Pat Kimbrough , The High Point Enterprise
Andres Duany and team designed a revitalization for High Point that will make for great growth in the town.
2013-06-22, Full Article

Questions for a Pro: Urban planner Andres Duany and downtown Sarasota
Online Staff , Herald Tribune
Andres Duany spoke at the NAREE's conference about his excitement in the brilliant changes he has seen in Sarasota.
2013-06-21, Full Article

Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk ’74MArch: rising tide
Carole Bass , Yale Alumni Magazine
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk has steeped down her thrown from being the UM Dean of architecture for almost two decades.
2013-06-20, Full Article

School of Architecture dean to step down in July
Alexander Gonzalez , The Miami Hurricane
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk has stepped down from her almost two decades of being an Architecture Dean.
2013-06-20, Full Article

Duany speaking to Downtown Sarasota Alliance
Harold Bubil, Herald Tribune
Andres spoke to the Sarasota Alliance to improve downtown.
2013-06-19, Full Article

Celebrated University of Miami architecture dean, champion of traditional design, to step down
Andres Viglucci, The Miami Herald
UM President Donna Shalala expressed her admiration to Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk who recently stepped down from her almost two decades as the dean of the department of architecture.
2013-06-19, Full Article

Hope for a screwed-up city
Doug Clark, News and Record
Phoenix Arizona is getting a redevelopment.
2013-06-18, Full Article

The Zombies of Gund Hall Go Forth to Eat America’s Brains
James Howard Kunstler, Red Green and Blue
Andres Duany is featured in the Landscape Urbanism and Discontents.
2013-06-17, Full Article

Questions for a pro: architect Sam Holladay, Sarasota
Chris Angermann, Herald Tribune
Sam Holladay gives a compliment to Andres Duany on his design of Downtown Sarasota.
2013-06-15, Full Article

City tweaks plans for Lindsay roundabout
Pat Kimbrough, The High Point Enterprise
High point might find a solution in a roundabout designed by Duany Plater-Zyberk.
2013-06-15, Full Article

Duany Effect
Roger Drouin , Your Observer
Andres Duany of Duany Plater-Zyberk is expected to speak to the commuters about new plans needed to improve the city.
2013-06-13, Full Article

Bray: Walking a diverse Albany
Paul Bray , Times Union
Jeff Speck works on the book Walkable City, and describes how Andres Duany has helped him think clearly on plazas.
2013-06-13, Full Article

Your View: Guest Column - SAG focuses on making a year-round downtown
Timothy C. Mabe, The High Point Enterprise
High Point is working on the plans it will be partaking year long.
2013-06-13, Full Article

Business in brief
Mourant Ozannes , Compass Cayman
Andres Duany of Duany Plater-Zyberk designed a great business town investment.
2013-06-12, Full Article

Salt Lake City : égérie des ateliers collaboratifs New Urbanism
Rémy Vigneron , Urba News
The CNU highlights feature power couple Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and Andres Duany from Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company are mentioned in the following article.
2013-06-11, Full Article

Gentrification of the Strip Mall
Kate Benfield , The Atlantic Cities
The Sprawl Repair Manual is mentioned in Kaid Bensfield's article. The irony is that small local businesses were originally displaced by big boxes and strip shopping centers. Today the roles have somewhat reversed: the big boxes and strip shopping centers have emptied and the local businesses have moved in. And Kaid should not be worried that the New Urbanists will gentrify or annihilate all of the cheap commercial space in our sprawling communities. There is plenty of it to go around for affordable commercial space, for redevelopment or even devolution.
2013-06-11, Full Article

Making Vista Field a town center to take time
Kristi Pihl, Tri-City Herald
Vista is in the mist of it's airport development.
2013-06-11, Full Article

Making Vista Field a town center to take time
Kristi Pihl, The News Tribune
The Vista Field project will be taking time to make into a town center seems the town is just not ready.
2013-06-11, Full Article

Your View: Guest Column - What does convention attendee do here
Barbara Foster , The High Point Enterprise
Andres Duany is getting both positive for negative comments from High Point town commuters.
2013-06-10, Full Article

Dart Realty's Jackie Doak Speaks at National Association of Real Estate Editors Conference
Globe Newswire
Camana Bay is acknowledged by Andres Duany of Duany Plater-Zyberk as being a walkable city and all the benefits that come along with being one.
2013-06-10, Full Article

Dart Realty's Jackie Doak Speaks at National Association of Real Estate Editors Conference
Hadley Creekmuir, The Street Journal
2013-06-10, Full Article

Your View: Guest Column - Let’s build on Ignite High Point energy
Aaron Clinard, The High Point Enterprise
The High Point charrette has a great crowd turn out to see the design of the new city designed by architecture firm and town planners Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company.
2013-06-09, Full Article

Your View: We deserve answers to Benghazi questions
Phil Sloan , The High Point Enterprise
Final design by Andres Duany and company is currently in the works of the final High Point town plan.
2013-06-08, Full Article

Urban planner Duany returns to Sarasota, and doesn't hate us
Harold Bubil, Herald Tribune
It's been 14 years since Andres Duany from Duany Plater-Zyberk designed Sarasota's town master plan. Duany is now visiting the town and although he is impressed he still points out some improvements.
2013-06-07, Full Article

Urban planner Duany returns to Sarasota, and doesn't hate it
Harold Bubil, Herald Tribune
Andres Duany was impressed by what he saw in Sarasota he gave positive and negative feedback.
2013-06-07, Full Article

Dart Realty Announces New Commercial Building at Camana Bay
Globe Newswire
Camana Bay after residential building is now working on smart strategic plans for commercial building.
2013-06-07, Full Article

A Look Back at the Beginning of Kentlands — Part II
Claire Lane, The Town Courier
Looking back at the birth of Kentlands designed by Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company and directed by renowned architect Andres Duany.
2013-06-06, Full Article

Dispatches From Salt Lake: Duany Speaks on Buffalo
Raymond Ban, Artvoice
New Urbanist, architect, town planner, world famous Andres Duany has amazing ideas for the future of Phoenix.
2013-06-06, Full Article

Urban designers in Salt Lake City praise innovations of the ‘Mormon Grid’
Jim Dalrymple II, The Salt Lake Tribune
The streets pavements are a problem to the cities rebuilding process.
2013-06-05, Full Article

Your View: Revitalization ideas can ‘Ignite High Point’
Kay Joyner , The High Point Enterprise
Andres Duany feels that many in the High Point Charrette presentation appreciated what is to come for the town.
2013-06-05, Full Article

Camana Bay Announces Fountain Frenzy Summer Promotion
Tony Wilbert , PR Web
Camana Bay in the Grand Cayman was designed by Duany Plater-Zyberk architect and town planners, they excited to show off the town with a family festival.
2013-06-04, Full Article

Camana Bay Announces Fountain Frenzy Summer Promotion
Watch List News
Camana Bay a design by Duany Plater-Zyberk is give locals a promotional offer.
2013-06-04, Full Article

Hurricane Preparedness: What Every City Must Consider
Marianne Cusato , Huffpost Miami
Marianne Cusato was brought on board with architect Andres Duany and team to rebuild Mississippi after hurricane katrina hit.
2013-06-03, Full Article

Why We Shouldn't Rely on Smart Growth Incentives to Fix Sprawl
Eric Jaffe , The Atlantic Cities
Maryland is following the smart growth idealism when building.
2013-06-03, Full Article

New depot coffee shop was long time in making
Pat Kimbrough, The High Point Enterprise
A coffee shop came at the right moment to ignite High Point revitalization initiative led by urban architect Andres Duany last month.
2013-05-31, Full Article

New urbanism pioneer Joe Alfandre helped build communities, and now son James looks to shake them up
Jakie Hicken, Deseret News
Alfandre and urban planner Andres Duany focused on building a community by getting the scale of the suburbs back under control.
2013-05-31, Full Article

Noted Planner: Salt Lake Grid Is Good
Brian Mullahy, KUTV
Andres Duany and his thoughts on Salt Lake City, CNU.
2013-05-31, Full Article

Your View: Container complexes won’t help downtown
Bill Harris , The High Point Enterprise
Some in High Point are against Andres Duany container method of building.
2013-05-30, Full Article

Tough Love in High Point
Sam Hieb, Yes Weekly
Andres Duany is talking about various ways in improving High Point.
2013-05-29, Full Article

Acclaimed New Urbanism Architect Andres Duany to Address NAREE’s ‘Designs on the New Urban Grid’ Conference in Atlanta in June
Real Estate Rama
Andres Duany tackles the NAREE conference where he will talk about the New Urbanism.
2013-05-21, Full Article

Architect, thinker, provocateur Rem Koolhaas brings his talents to South Beach Read more here:
Andres Viglucci, The Miami Herald
Andres Duany is named in hit list of famous architects in Miami.
2013-05-21, Full Article

Miami architect offers ideas to revitalize High Point's downtown
Furniture Today
Andres Duany is revitalizing High Point.
2013-05-20, Full Article

Tom Blount: Let’s play with really big Legos!
The High Point Enterprise
Tom Blount places his belief on the containers that will make a city of High Point.
2013-05-19, Full Article

Our View: Keep fueling the fire
The High Point Enterprise
Andres Duany and his architecture crew from Duany Plater-Zyberk are studying 'High Point' in order to give it the makeover it needs.
2013-05-19, Full Article

Architect proposes bold, innovative steps to keep High Point thriving
Pat Kimbrough, The High Point Enterprise
Andres and his crew create ideas to revamp High Point in the years to come.
2013-05-18, Full Article

Convention Center Hotel Planned For Downtown Miami World Center Site
Huffpost Miami
New Convention coming to Miami what will new urbanist Andres Duany think about this?
2013-05-17, Full Article

Group outlines plans for High Point revitalization
Jasmine Spencer, My Fox 8
High Point as part of the revitalization is getting businesses in current vacant areas.
2013-05-16, Full Article

Your View Poll: Duany revitalization
The High Point Enterprise
Information on the final project presentation.
2013-05-16, Full Article

A Look Back at the Beginning of Kentlands: Mike Watkins’ Perspective
Claire Lane, The Town Courier
Mike Weich describes the history of Kentlands and the beauty of it.
2013-05-15, Full Article

Duany outlines vision for revitalization
Pat Kimbrough, The High Point Enterprise
Andres Duany presents the projected project for High Point residents has their final charrette process.
2013-05-13, Full Article

Does a Mableton experiment hold the answer for aging Atlantans?
Michele Cohen Marill, Atlanta Maga
Mableton is in the works of becoming a lifelong community where the elderly can walk everywhere.
2013-05-13, Full Article

Our View: Revitalization ideas for city flow
The High Point Enterprise
High Point is completing a charrette to determine the revitalization of the city in the years to come.
2013-05-12, Full Article

How City Zoning Is Squashing Sustainability
Isaac Pino, Daily Finance
Interview with Jeff Speck talking about his new book.
2013-05-09, Full Article

Party on Plank creator discusses reasons for demise, considers Duany project
Vicki Knopfler, The High Point Enterprise
Elijah Lovejoy has little hope that Andres Duany idea will work for High Point.
2013-05-09, Full Article

Ellen Dunham-Jones and Stuart Horodner talk architecture and design
Gabe Wardell, Fresh Loaf
Ellen Dunham-Jones and Stuart Horodner talk about architecture and suburban retrofit. Ellen Dunham-Jones has previously worked with architect firm Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company.
2013-05-09, Full Article

Bull Street landmark status gains support
Jeff Willkinson, The State
Columbia, South Carolina talks about Bull Street a project proposed by Andres Duany of Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co.
2013-05-09, Full Article

Leaders look to ‘ignite’ downtown High Point
Web Staff , My Fox 8
High Point currently has Miami, architects and designers in the days of making a town change.
2013-05-08, Full Article

Optimism high as Ignite High Point kicks off
Pat Kimbrough, The High Point Enterprise
High Point charrette by Duany Plater-Zyberk is in the works.
2013-05-08, Full Article

High Point Residents Invited to Dream Big
Audrey Fannin, 88.5 WFDD
Duany Plater-Zyberk will lead the charrettes that begin Wednesday May 8th through May 15th. The plan is to connect the neighborhoods and create a dream town.
2013-05-07, Full Article

City planner Jeff Speck to speak about making Norwalk more walkable
Robert Koch, The Hour
Jeff Speck inspired by Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company were he once worked has learned how Downtown can save ones life.
2013-05-06, Full Article

What do you think High Point needs?
Catherine Carlock, The Business Journal
Andres Duany and Company asked High Point what they thought their town needed in hopes to build accordingly.
2013-05-06, Full Article

Landmark status for Bull Street buildings delayed
Jeff Willkinson, The State
Bull Street mayor is not thrilled about the new city projects and is trying to convince others about spending on historic building conservation.
2013-05-06, Full Article

How City Zoning Is Squashing Sustainability
Isaac Pino, The Motley Fool
Jeff Speck talks about his new book Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time.
2013-05-06, Full Article

Our View: Speak up for city’s future
The High Point Enterprise
Resident's of High Point respond to the demand's of the cities needs.
2013-05-05, Full Article

Uptowne tries to build on buzz
Pat Kimbrough, The High Point Enterprise
A business owner from High Point has noticed quite a difference in sales ever since change has occurred.
2013-05-05, Full Article

Bolton: Does Columbia Councilman Baddourah want to kill Bull Street project?
Warren Bolton, The State
The Mayor of Bull Street, isn't sure he wants to move forward with the Bull Street project, if he doesn't it will be of lost to the town.
2013-05-03, Full Article

Kentlands prepares for 2013 Home and Garden Tour
Sylvia Carignan, The Gazette
Kentlands Home and Garden Tour event is going on soon the homes were originally designed by Duany Plater-Zyberk Miami Architect and Planning Firm.
2013-05-03, Full Article

Jeff Speck to Speak on Norwalk's Transit Distric
City of Norwalk, Stamford Plus
Jeff Speck who spent about a decade at Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company know a lot about transect and is talking to the people of Norwalk just how they should be building smarter cities.
2013-05-03, Full Article

Why Walkability Is Critical to Health, Wealth, and Sustainability
Isaac Pino, Daily Finance
Dialogue of Jeff Speck's new book Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time.
2013-05-02, Full Article

Your View: Do you want to live in a police state?
O. William Fenn Jr. , The High Point Enterprise
High Point is expected to become a secure city needed after so much fear in the world it is designed by Duany Plater-Zyberk and Co.,.
2013-05-02, Full Article

The Coming Bold Transformation of the American City
Emrique Penalosa, The Atlantic Cities
Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk of Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co., explain why traditional housing is much more convenient that leaving in other areas.
2013-04-30, Full Article

Plans to build 800 homes as part of new settlement is approved
Gary Cruden , STV News
Duany Plater-Zyberk has the plan approved for Chapelton of Elsick.
2013-04-30, Full Article

Mayoral candidate Baddourah tries to save Bull Street buildings
Jeff Willkinson,
Andres Duany and team from Duany Plater-Zyberk have brought a lot of life to Bull Street with just the campus, now they are brought to the attention of the town for more ideas.
2013-04-29, Full Article

Your View: Guest Column - Ignite High Point — make possibilities realities
Aaron Clinard, The High Point Enterprise
Andres Duany is coming to town that is High Point to discuss how he exactly planned this wonderful place.
2013-04-274, Full Article

Three simple steps to finding the right home for you
Michelle Krueger ,
Andres Duany gave Marianne Cusato the opportunity to work with them this lead her to become famous with her FEMA project.
2013-04-27, Full Article

Students In Ivory Tower Don't Help City
Paul C. Clark, Rhino Times
Andres Duany isn't afraid to tell High Point City Councils how he feels about their city.
2013-04-25, Full Article

A U.S. Template for a Third-Millennium City
Enrique Peñalosa, Urbanland
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk from Duany Plater-Zyberk describes how traditional housing can lead to sprawl.
2013-04-23, Full Article

What Green Space?
Paul Arsenault, Naples News
Guest Commentary with Andres Duany
2013-04-22, Full Article

A rougher version of the French Quarter, Mobile plans resurgence
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Better! Cities & Towns reports on the plan and zoning code for downtown Mobile, Alabama. DPZ began work in the area in 2012. “It is about many smaller moves, like maintaining the perfectly embedded theater where Yo-Yo Ma played the week of our charrette—and which brought out a most impressive array of cultured people, who were then able to walk to art galleries and enjoy the restaurants and after-show urban experience,” says Duany.
2013-04-16, Full Article

Tri-City aviators move views on future of Vista Field Airport
Kristi Pihl, The News Tribune
The Kennick airport although its expensive to complete it's worth every dollar assures Andres Duany.
2013-04-13, Full Article

Comforting Cottages
Kyle Peveto, The Advocate
Andres Duany admires baton rouges old Spanish Town he called them called them mud huts before they were renovated.
2013-04-10, Full Article

A New Urbanism Fantasy, Painted in Oils
Kriston Capps, The Atlantic Cities
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and husband Andres Duany talk about the new work of other architects and their building around the idea of cars when it should be in the perspective of people. Elizabeth Plater0Zyberk is shared the 2008 Driehaus Prize with her husband and co-partner, New Urbanism leader Andrés Duany.
2013-04-09, Full Article

Tri-City aviators move views on future of Vista Field Airport
Kristi Pihl, Tri-City Herald
The Tri-City airport will choose another least expensive option than Dauny Plater-Zyberk.
2013-04-09, Full Article

Houston Rising Why the Next Great American Cities Aren’t What You Think
Joel Kotkin, The Daily Beast
Architects and Urbanist are asked about how they feel about cities that aren't historically exciting as the Phoenix and Huston. Andres Duany world known architect feels that phoenix is car centered rather than from the people's perspective.
2013-04-08, Full Article

Una nueva catedral para Haití
Diario Libre
Elizabeth Plater, dean of the architectural school of the University of Miami awarded a Puerto Rican team to design the Haiti Cathedral.
2013-03-25, Full Article

'Walkability' expert cites progress in Sarasota
Jessie Van Berkel, Herald Tribune
Speck, the author of Walkable Cities, spoke at various public events in Sarasota and mentioned Andres Duany, New Urbanist as one of the profound developers in Sarasota.
2013-03-21, Full Article

Seven firms vie to draft downtown master plan
Paul Schott, Westport News
Wesport, has recieved 7 rfp offers to design the new downtown costs of those proposals range between $170,000 and $250,000. Among of of the proposers in Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company.
2013-03-19, Full Article

Eight Qualities of Pedestrian- and Transit-Oriented Design
Andres Duany describes one of the eight qualities to have happy pedestrians, Enclosure which refers to the degree to which streets and other public spaces are visually defined by buildings, walls, trees, and other vertical elements.
2013-03-07, Full Article

The New, New Urbanism.
Erin Chantry , At the Helm of the Public Realm: An Urban Design Blog
Andres Duany has changes his mentality from how New Urbanism was to how it really is seen through the people.
2013-01-27, Full Article

Here Comes the Neighborhood
Ruth La Ferla , The New York Times
The Design District a design by Dacra with Duany Plater-Zyberk is lavishing to designers and the future forthcoming.
2013-01-25, Full Article

The Death and Life of Smaller American Cities
Zelda Bronstein, Beyond Chron
Small Gritty and Green is a book that mentions Andres Duany as well as ecology.
2013-01-24, Full Article

Miami conclave to help map the next 50 years for Southeast Florida
Andres Viglucci , The Miami Herald
Public summit was held in Downtown Miami to talk points about what Miami will look like in 50 years while altering it in half a decade Andres Duany says, if we don’t do it, we’re going to get blown away by the competition referring to our local projects.
2013-01-24, Full Article

Arranca la 2da cumbre del Seven50 en el MDC Wolfson campus
Juan Camilo Gómez, Miami Diario
Spanish Articles describing the workshop that took place at the Miami-Dade College, Wolfson Campus in hopes to discuss the future of Miami by Miami's famous architect firm themselves Duany Plater-Zyberk.
2013-01-24, Full Article

Seven50 planners: Congestion, transit and rising seas top concerns for SE Fla.
Andres Viglucci, The Miami Herald
Andres Duany spoke in a meeting to see what the future of Miami will look like.
2013-01-24, Full Article

Port officials urged to make decision without vote on Vista Field
Kristi Pihl, Tri-City Herald
Port official are waiting for the proposal answer from vista field in order to go on with the Duany Plater-Zyberk proposal.
2013-01-24, Full Article

Friday Harbour 度假村北美最大 - 世界日報
World Journal
Chinese Article

Enhancing Vista Field Airport would raise Port of Kennewick property taxes
Kristi Pihl, Tri-City Herald
Property taxes will go up after the plan Duany Plater-Zyberk and Co. is implemented for those who own home in the land may be in luck.
2013-01-22, Full Article

Review: Walkability essential to smart urban environments, quality of life, author says
Carlin Rosengarten, The Post and Courier
Jeff Speck who previously worked on books with Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk explains how a downtown may help save your life in many steps in his new book.
2013-01-20, Full Article

Start-up City: Miami to bring national and local experts together for day-long event
Nancy Dahlberg, Miami Herald
Star-Up City Miami is a day long event,bringing the experts in Miami together.
2013-01-15, Full Article

At Vista Field, a crossroads as draft report is released
Kristi Pihl, Tri-City Herald
Vista Field finally has a draft for the crossroads near the airport the design was contributed by the efforts of Port of Kennewick consultant Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co.
2013-01-13, Full Article

Resort Attracts Toronto Real Estate Buyers Looking For a Lakefront Escape Close to the City
Market Wire
600-acre Friday Harbor is soon to be what Canada has been waiting for designed by Duany Plater-Zyberk and Geranium Corporation.
2013-01-13, Full Article

At Vista Field, a crossroads as draft report is released
Kristi Pihl, Tri-City Herald
Vista Field has came to agreement with closing down the airport in order to make way for the new change.
2013-01-11, Full Article

Resort Attracts Toronto Real Estate Buyers Looking For a Lakefront Escape Close to the City
Daily Commericial News
All are attracted to the new resort by Geranium Corporation in corporation with Duany Plater-Zyberk.
2013-01-10, Full Article

Toward the Walkable City
Richard Florida , The Atlantic Cities
Jeff Specks new book Walkable City is inspired by the works of Andres Duany and wife Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk.
2013-01-07, Full Article

City leaders want $450,000 plan to cover broad area
Pat Kimbrough, The High Point Enterprise
The new high point project designed by Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company will be a new face in the neighborhood.
2013-001-01, Full Article

2012 Media

Ambitious Tome Chronicles the Rise of a New Urbanist Community
Joseph Flaherty, Wired
Visions of Seaside by Dhiru Thadani is an up and coming book describing why the small urbanist town in Florida works.
20121229, Full Article

City pledges $50,000 for Duany project
Pat Kimbrough, The High Point Enterprise
Duany Plater-Zyberk is has brought investment opportunities in High Point.
20121221, Full Article

Puerto Rican team has winning design to rebuild Port-au-Prince Cathedral
Anna Edgerton, Mcclatchydc
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk Dean of Architecture in the University of Miami, explains her and staffs decision on electing Puerto-Rican team to re-build Haiti's Cathedral.
20121220, Full Article

Recipe for a vibrant city? Start with pedestrians
David L. Ulin,
Jeff Speck in his book Walkable Cities has the perfect recipe for how to make a city work. Jeff has been inspired by the works of Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk.
2012-12-29, Full Article

Les plans de la nouvelle cathédrale de Port-au-Prince dévoilés
Celine Hoyea , La Croix
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk Dean of architecture at UM and principal of Duany Plater-Zyberk was mentioned in creo on the article.
2012-12-28, Full Article

Uptown Succeeding In Its Fundraising
Paul C. Clark, Rhino Times
High Point has hired Duany Plater-Zyberk for the redesign of the city.
2012-12-27, Full Article

Church Hill acreage from Redskins deal could jump-start hospital-anchored communities in the East End for Bon Secours
Chris Dovi , Richmond Magazine
The East End project is different from a typical New Urbanist concept, says Hewitt; rather than creating a replica of an urban village, that walkable, workable, livable community already exists can it have been inspired by both Church Hill and along Patterson and Libbie.
2012-12-26, Full Article

Haiti: Wiederaufbau der Kathedrale geplant
Kultur , Hispaniola
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk Dean of architecture at UM and principal of Duany Plater-Zyberk was mentioned in creo on the article.
2012-12-24, Full Article

De Centrum City to be Kajang’s future landmark Read more: De Centrum City to be Kajang’s future landmark
Khairul Khalid , New Straits Times Online
Malaysia is ready for what they are getting a new city built around the concept of New Urbanism as well explained by renowned architect Andres Duany.
2012-12-21, Full Article

Puerto Rican team wins design competition for Haitian Cathedral
Anna Edgerton , Miami Herald
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk dean of the architecture department in UM and Principal of architecture firm Duany Plater-Zyberk couldn't agree anymore with the Puerto Rican team in their cathedral design of the past and future.
2012-12-20, Full Article

Author Jeff Speck on Walkability and the One Mistake That Can Wreck a City
Angie Schmitt, D.C. Streets Blog
Jeff Speck has learned great knowledge from some of the greatest, he previously worked with Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and Andres Duany on the Suburban Nation and again with Andres Duany and Mike Lydon on the Smart Growth Manual. It is no wonder he's new book will be phenomenal.
2012-12-19, Full Article

Local businesses spearhead smart growth
Chuckie Holstein , Syruse
Syruse, NY is looking for a strategic formula in building smart and Andres Duany, Jeff Speck and Mike Lydon, wrote about how to do it in the Smart Growth Manual.
2012-12-18, Full Article

Consultant weighs options for Kennewick's Vista Field
Kristi Pihl, The News Tribune
A new airport revamp in Vista Field can have an economic benefit for Kennewick.
2012-12-13, Full Article

Book Review | Walkable City: Pedestrians key to creating best in urban conditions
David L. Ulin , The Columbus Dispatch
Walkable Cities is written by Jeff Speck he previously co-wrote the Suburban Nation with Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and Husband Andres Duany of Duany Plater-Zyberk.
2012-12-13, Full Article

Foundation for Historical Louisiana tour features classic homes
Ed Cullen, The Advocate
Andres Duany architect hired to advise Boca Raton preservationist to really analyze why they would keep a building.
2012-12-11, Full Article

Medita "Anonymization" sobre la arquitectura de las grandes urbes
Diario Rotativo
Galina Tachieva from Duany Plater-Zyberk is feature in "Anonymization" a pictural book describing sprawl. the book was written by Robert Harding Pittman and can be found on Amazon.
2012-12-11, Full Article

Presentation of the photobook Anonymization Robert Harding Pittman
Ivory Press
Galina Tachieva wrote an essay for Robert Harding Pittman's book Anonymization, just published in Europe and the US. With a forward by Bill McKibben, the book is a photographic critique of the globalization of sprawl. Galina's essay presents some optimistic ideas on how to deal with this phenomenon by reusing and repairing the already built.
2012-12-11, Full Article

Jeff Speck's 'Walkable City' a recipe for vibrant street life
David L. Ulin, Los Angeles Times
Jeff Speck's new book Walkable City details many different ways on how living in downtown can be better for your life. Jeff Speck has also co-wrote the Suburban Nation with Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk.
2012-12-07, Full Article

Miami Dispatch: Bubbles and Blow-Ups
Fred A. Bernstein, Architectural Record
Architect Andres Duany from Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company talks art in Design Miami.
2012-12-07, Full Article

Old Shell Road Magnet School apartment redevelopment project has residents concerned
John Sharp, Alabama News Blog
Old Shell Road is in need of Duany Plater-Zyberk architecture codes in order to reduce crime.
2012-12-04, Full Article

The ten steps of walkability
Kaid Bennefield , Natural Resources Defense Council
Jeff Speck new book walkable cities have widen the spectrum for other books he has co-written such as the Suburban Nation with Andres Duany and Mike Lydon.
2012-12-03, Full Article

Fear is driving our zoning debates
David Alpert, Greater Greater Washington
2012-12-03, Full Article

Terreni ex Eca: il perfect world secondo Carmine Carapella
Lucera Web
Carmine Carapella, Lucera architect couldn't imagine doing it without Andres Duanys' help and that of his company Duany Plater-Zyberk they strengthen his weak building points.
2012-12-03, Full Article

New books explore why cities matter, and how we can save them
Taras Grescoe, The Globe and Mail
Jeff Speck, Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk in 2002 collaborated to write the Suburban Nation the book explains how walkability can help urbanism.
2012-11-30, Full Article

Jeff Speck’s Walkable City, Digested
John Anderson , Washington City Paper
Jeff Speck co-writer of Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream with Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk explains how in order to have a walkable city it must be useful, safe, comfortable, and interesting.
2012-11-28, Full Article

6 Questions for Defenders of D.C.'s Height Limit
David Schleicher, The Atlantic Cities
Andres Duany and Jeff Speck, generally argue that many zoning regimes mandate inefficient urban outcomes, it is a good idea to use coercive regulation to determine city form.
2012-11-27, Full Article

Commentary: Bring rail hub to West Palm, but don’t close Datura and Evernia
Tim Hullihan , The Palm Beach Post
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk along side with Andres Duany look forward to seeing West Palm Beach, FL getting a railway planned around shops enforcing walkability.
2012-11-20, Full Article

Converting a dead mall to live space
Kate Murphy, Herald Tribune
Mall spaces like that of Rackspace needed revamping Andres Duany architect and new urbanist guru is transforming it into a livework space.
2012-11-19, Full Article

Mayor and City Council Weigh in on Kentlands Properties
Shaun May, The Town Courier
The property of Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company in Kentlands, MD has now been considered a historical community property.
2012-11-19, Full Article

Downtown Birmingham thriving despite fierce competition
Brendan Lonsinski, The Oakland Press
Downtown Birmingham, is having change in develop with they hired Duany Plater-Zyberk an architect firm to alter the city, change zoning codes, street designs and improve parks.
2012-11-17, Full Article

Beware the starchitects, beware repetition
Jeff Speck, Greater Greater Washington
Jeff Speck explains coming a long way since the seventies, when every city endeavored to build its own version of Boston's fortress-like City Hall.
2012-11-15, Full Article

Architecture Here and There Blog Column: New York's brownstone revisionism
David Brussat, Providence Journal
Andres Duany does not oppose modern architecture unless the modern and traditional mix together.
2012-11-15, Full Article

What's the future of the Civic Center?
Candace Murphy, Fox 10 TV
The Mobile, Alabama is considering the idea world famous architecture Andres Duany suggested in demolishing the Civic Center.
2012-11-14, Full Article

Port of Kennewick hears Vista Field ideas Read more here:
Ty Beaver, Tri-City Herald
The new projects in the near future for the Vista Field airport with bring the community different costs and different benefits, yet all for the best.
2012-11-14, Full Article

Onondaga Lake dreams: What would you like a cleaner lake to be?
Paul Reid, Syracuse
Today Onondaga is seeing the springs of a plan long envisioned by Andres Duany.
2012-11-13, Full Article

Camana Bay Emerges as New Commerce Center in Cayman Islands
Alex Finkelstein, World Property Channel
Camana Bay in the Bahamas now welcomes commerce to the island. Camana Bay is being developed by Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. in collaboration with an award-winning team of visionaries, including Duany Plater-Zyberk among, Moore Ruble Yudell and OLIN Partnership.
2012-11-13, Full Article

RCA Miami Presents the 2012 RCA Super Conference with Global Theme
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk will discuss how having proper zoning and planning in Miami attracts internationals.
2012-11-12, Full Article

Keeping it easy: A plan for transforming downtown Mobile
Alabama News Blog
Andres Duany from Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company create a plan for Mobile's downtown renewal.
2012-11-08, Full Article

With fat lanes, traffic engineers kill in the name of safety
Jeff Speck, Greater Greater Washington
Building Smart is what Duany Plater-Zyberk enforces Washington is in need of safe walkable lanes.
2012-11-07, Full Article

Sharing A Vision For A New City
Royer Yip, The Star
Becoming part of the planning process is as important as voting in a change in your community.
2012-11-05, Full Article

Group to suggest downtown improvements
Steve Alexander, Fox 10 TV
Mobile, Alabama is in the mist of improvements before Christmas from New Urbanism and designer Andres Duany. What a perfect gift for the Holidays then a new town makeover.
2012-11-04, Full Article

Citizen ideas on Vista Field future sought
Kristi Pihl, Tri-City Herald
Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co. was hired and paid $225,000 to conduct a study on the small airport near the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick.
2012-11-03, Full Article

The storied history of Seaside: Davises talk about building a town together
Deborah Wheeler, The Walton Town
Robert Davis and his wife tell the local chapter of Florida Public Relations Association the story behind seaside. Davis explains how he envision the slow pace life of story tales he grew up for the new community. The town's building code, it was drawn up on a sheet of paper over dinner by Davis and town architect Andres Duany.
2012-11-01, Full Article

From artists to dentists: Andres Duany explains the development curve
Robert McClendon, Alabama News Blog
Andres Duany believes the DPZ code will simplify things and make the permitting process easier for investors, in Mobile, Alabama.
2012-10-30, Full Article

Revitalizing a Dead Mall (Don’t Expect Shoppers)
Kate Murphy, The New York Times
Rackspace in San Antonio, Texas was lacking all the new modernist shoppers needed. Graham Weston, chairman and co-founder of Rackspace, a Web hosting company here, envisioned a corporate hired the New Urbanism pioneer Andres Duany to conceive a master development planner expert in sustainability and walkability.
2012-10-30, Full Article

What makes a place
Jeff Speck, Greater Greater Washington
Jeff Speck along with Andres Duany wrote one of the best planning books in American Suburban Nation, this book now helps many build smart walkable communities.
2012-10-30, Full Article

Downtown Mobile redesign wraps up tonight as firm presents findings
Robert McClendon, Alabama News Blog
Andres Duany team from Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company prepare to present their plan studies.
2012-10-29, Full Article

Yo-Yo Ma and Andres Duany improvise on art, architecture and the soul of the city
Robert McClendon, Alabama News Blog
Andres Duany is interviewed by Yo-Yo Ma, a world-renowned cellist about plans for Mobile, Alabama.
2012-10-25, Full Article

Group to present 'vision' for Downtown Mobile
Joe Salvatore, Fox 10 TV
Mobile downtown, Alabama requested Andres Duany help in shaping the town's building code.
2012-10-25, Full Article

Public Invited to Help Shape Future of Downtown
Local 15 TV
Mobile, Alabama Georgia celebrates Andres Duany efforts in designing the new town plan.
2012-10-22, Full Article

Meetings for downtown Mobile redesign start Wednesday, Andres Duany to hold forum discussions
Robert McClendon, Alabama News Blog
Mobile, Alabama is excited to be having Andres Duany speak at a series of design brainstorming sessions for the towns planning codes.
2012-10-22, Full Article

Woodmont to Present to the Planning Board Tonight
Londonderry News
Woodmont presents the development plan of Londonderry inspired and designed by Andres Duany from Duany Plater Zyberk and Company architect firm.
2012-10-10, Full Article

Downtown Mobile Alliance pushing for zoning overhaul, hires Andres Duany's planning firm
Robert McClendon, Alabama News Blog
Downtown Mobile Alliance hires the creator of the smart code, Andres Duany to design such for their town.
2012-10-06, Full Article

Andres Duany: No magic bullets for downtown Mobile, except maybe education
Robert McClendon, Alabama News Blog
Andres Duany is asked what is his successful ingredient in plans to Molbile, Alabama he has none but the code.
2012-10-05, Full Article

The Village at Hendrix Hosts Fall Community Events
Hendrix College, News
Community events in Hendrix for the fall, and recap on community.
2012-10-01, Full Article

City’s main corridor has rich history
Jordan Howse, The High Point Enterprise
The City Board Director of the High Point University area wants to bring Andres Duany. The hopes are of anew masterplan for the Uptown Market District.
2012-09-30, Full Article

Historic Gateway Plan Gets Nudge with Demolition Approval
Christine Foster, Roswell Patch
Roswell is awaiting for an answer if to move forward or not with the new plan by Andres Duany.
2012-09-28, Full Article

Final proposals for new £1bn town near Aberdeen are unveiled
Video displaying Andres Duany plans for Aberdeenshire.
2012-09-27, Full Article

Your Views
The Town Courier
Political parties in the mist of community builders.
2012-09-25, Full Article

Legacy Seeing Burst of Built-to-Suit and Spec Projects
Christine Perez, Daily Reports on Dallas
The Legacy Town Center designed by Andres Duany was the most successful examples of New Urbanism in the country. Article discusses all the success it has brought.
2012-09-24, Full Article

Narberth hosts
Michael Davalos, Mainline Media News
Sandy Sorlien gives an educational visit to Narberth about the Smart code which was originally written by Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company in order to identify zoning procedures.
2012-09-21, Full Article

A vision for U.S.: More walking, cycling, gardening -- and glad to do it
Rick Hampson, The Town Walk
New Urbanist Andres Duany, describes how the need for more walkable neighborhoods arises with climate change and its what he has invasion.
2012-09-16, Full Article

3 questions with Andres Duany
Rick Hampson, USA Today
Andres Duany talks about American living 30 years away the must success is the New Urbanism.
2012-09-14, Full Article

City living will feel like a blast from the past
Rick Hampson, USA Today
As per USA Today 30th anniversary celebration they ask New Urbanist Guru, Andres Duany about communities ahead.
2012-09-14, Full Article

In the future, living in the USA will be more neighborly
Rick Hampson , USA Today
Andres Duany in visions the future and the perfect picture of community which he has taught.
2012-09-14, topnews|text|FRONTPAGE&nclick_check=1 | Full Article

Port of Kennewick officials OK $225,000 Vista Field study
Kristi Pihl, The News Tribune
Portlands, Vista Field is getting a new transformation with the help of urban designers Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company.
2012-09-13, Full Article

Recuperar los sitios históricos es la clave para revitalizar Asunción
Iván Lisboa, Ultima Hora
Spanish Article - Revitalizing the historic communities like Asuncion in Paraguay.
2012-09-10, Full Article

An Open Letter to the Albuquerque City Council
Rob Dickson, Alibi
Albuquerque, NM is getting a fix of sprawl they are done with the bad urban form criticism.
2012-09-06, Full Article

Expertos del urbanismo mundial recomiendan una Asunción al estilo Miami
La Nacion
World renowned Miami-based firm Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company are experts in new urbanism and with that said they have envisioned plans for Asunción, Paraguay.
2012-09-05, Full Article

3 Sizes Fit All: Norfolk's Downtown, Urban, and Suburban Designations
Nate Berg, The Atlantic Cities
Norfolk city council is indecisive when it comes to the parking regulations because it's not just a downtown, urban or suburban city. Norfolk is a city designed by all the mixed communities.
2012-09-04, Full Article

Destacada compañía visitará el país
Color ABC
Spanish Article discussing a planning meeting taking place in Paraguay for Centro Paraguayo Japonés (CPJ).
2012-09-03, Full Article

Research reveals Smart Code founder hired by Cobb to pass Mableton plan
Craig Kootsillas, Examiner
Time line of Mableton Projects adjusting to the smart code.
2012-09-01, Full Article

Real estate market didn't slow for Bowman as Huntersville's Vermillion keeps growing
Lee Sullivan , Lake Norman Citizen
Nate Bowman is dazzled by mixed-use and the success of such neighborhood real-estate he thanks world famous Andres Duany of Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company.
2012-08-30, Full Article

Photo Release -- Dart Realty Opens New Office Building at Camana Bay
Tony Wilbert, Market Watch
A new office building is going up in Camana Bay step by step it's all coming together. Camana Bay was originally designed by architect firm Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company in Miami, Florida.
2012-08-30, Full Article

New Roswell square gets harder look
Hatcher Hurd, NorthFulton
Roswell is getting an improvement ideas that were originally suggested by famous architect and town planner Andres Duany.
2012-08-29, Full Article

New Civic Square Seriously Considered in Historic Roswell
Christine Foster, Roswell Patch
The historic district of Roswell is receiving a new transformation the idea came from the works of Miami architect firm Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company. The design concept will open the doors for new buildings to be built in the downtown area.
2012-08-29, Full Article

National Building Museum awards Paul Goldberger its Vincent Scully Prize
Art Daily
Paul Goldberger receives recognition from Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk on his architectural knowledge and congratulates him for winning the Vincent Scully Prize.
2012-08-29, Full Article

Dream team designing Friday Harbour resort village on Lake Simcoe
Tracy Hanes , The Star
Lake Simcoe is taking shape and on board in designing such a dream are New Urbanist guru Andres Duany and his wife Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk founders of architecture firm, Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company.
2012-08-27, Full Article

Tornagrain plans approved
The Inverness Courier
Tornagrain a plan designed about seven years ago by by leading American architect Andres Duany has been finally approved.
2012-08-21, Full Article

Not just for New Orleans
Jordan Travis, The Alpena News
Popular Cottages built after Hurricane Katrina by designers Marianne Cusato and Andres Duany can now be used for other cities.
2012-08-21, Full Article

Geranium Corp. — from small-scale builder to ‘urban resort’ visionary
Tracy Hanes , The Star
When Geranium Corp. decided to get the best of the best for Big Bay Point a blooming resort in Canada they seeked Miami-based New Urbanism guru Andres Duany of DPZ Architects.
2012-08-17, Full Article

'The Tyranny of Artistic Modernism'
David Brussat, Providence Journal
True artist in today's society reflect back to the classical traditional ways of architecture such as architect Andres Duany,also known as the founder of the New Urbanism movement.
2012-08-16, Full Article

Plans for almost 5,000 homes near Inverness to be considered
BBC News
Now that Tornagrain has been confirmed the Highland Planning Officials will be visiting the plan soon to introduce it to the town. Moray Estates appointed US planning consultant Andres Duany and his company DPZ for the town's master plan.
2012-08-16, Full Article

Ideas pitched for fully developed Vista Field.
Kristi Pihl, Tri-City Herald
Duany Plater-Zyberk the firm hired to design Vista Field's new walkable Airport is working together with the community to decide, what will work for them in the process of creating the plan and in the future.
2012-08-12, Full Article

Most growth happening in "walkable urban" neighborhoods
DanGreater Greater Washington Reed , Greater Greater Washington
Kentlands has become an inspiring walkable neighborhood driving the regions growth.
2012-08-06, Full Article

Norfolk's East Beach revives prime real estate
Debbie Messina, The Virginian-Pilot
East Beach has had a complete turning point from a crime rated neighborhood to now a prosperous community.
2012-08-05, Full Article

Developer one step closer to vision for isle’s families
Nanea Kalani , The Maui News
The 600-acre town development Olowalu in Maui Hawaii is anxiously moving forward.
2012-08-03, Full Article

Setting sail for Ontario’s newest playground
Tracy Hanes , The Star
n June, the Geranium Corp. unveiled its plans for Big Bay Point on Lake Simcoe that represents the largest resort under construction in North America. World renown architect Andres Duany is in the mist of the project that Feiner describes as the 'leafy decompression chamber' where protected woodland and wetlands will include walking trails and wildlife habitats; and at the waterfront, the pedestrian village and marina.
2012-08-03, Full Article

TCC Special Edition - August 2012
Transect Codes Council
In this edition Galina Tachieva, author of the Sprawl Repair Manual and Sprawl Repair SmartCode Module, contemplates the Transect as a tool for repairing low-density, autocentric environments by adding gradients of complexity and organic character based on the rural-to-urban continuum of the Transect.
2012-08-01, Full Article

Roswell plans redevelopment in Historic District
Jonathan Copsey, Norton Fulton
Roswell has the eyes of many especially that of Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company in the restoration of new plans in Historic area.
2012-07-26, Full Article

Historic Gateway plans hinge on rethinking what is ‘historic’
Joan Durbin , Neighborhood News Paper
Scott Ball, of Duany Plater-Zyberk and company has ideas for Historic Preservation for the Atlanta Street corridor from the Chattahoochee River to Marietta Highway.
2012-07-25, Full Article

Smart Growth for Mega Cebu Program
Juju Manubag-Empuerto, Phillipine Information Agency
Senen Antonio, was a representative of Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company, when talking very well of Smart Growth in Cebu.
2012-07-25, Full Article

How to implement concept of smart growth in Cebu
Cebu Daily News
Senen Antonio from Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company is speaking up and spreading the word of smart growth leaving an impact in Cebu, Philippines.
2012-07-23, Full Article

Town officials should promote ‘your’ Palm Beach
Audrey Bender , Palm Beach News Daily
Andres Duany has seen major change in Palm Beach and he says "we must be cautious. The identity of Palm Beach is too precious to be forfeited to the needs of commerce, though it is a tempting avenue for small towns".
2012-07-22, Full Article

Top of their game: Chamber speakers this season to offer different perspectives on leadership
Robert Janjigian, Palm Beach Daily
Dauny Plater-Zyberk founder of Duany Plater-Zyberk and Comapany says he has plans for Palm Beach change for the better.
2012-07-21, Full Article

Roswell to Present Final Plans for Historic Gateway
Roswell Patch
The city if Roswell is excited in the new plan introduced to by Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co.
2012-07-18, Full Article

Guest Blog: Ed Shadid
OKC Central
The book Suburban Nation by Jeff Speck and Andres Duany was looked upon because it define define a 'Complete Streets'. A complete street is the vision of Oklahoma for it's Boulevard.
2012-07-18, Full Article

Alvarez moves from volunteer to head of BREADA
Carol Anne Blitzer, The Advocate
Copper Alvarez executive director of the Big River Economic and Agricultural Development Alliance explains working with Andres Duany of Duany Plater-Zyberk, proponents of “New Urbanism,” the idea developed to build parking garages with retail spaces on the lower levels to provide parking for downtown workers and to bring needed retail establishments to attract people to the area and that's were she came in.
2012-07-17, Full Article

Maybe even the French can learn from France
David Brussat, Providence Journal
What modernism will do to the traditional buildings in Paris.
2012-07-17, Full Article

Using 'smart growth' language may not always be that smart
Haya El Nasser, USA Today
Using the word "zoning" can get the people confused on the essences of smart growth.
2012-07-17, Full Article

Sustainable living (letter to the editor)
Pam Burnside, The Nassau Guardian
A letter to the editor of the Nassau Guardian discussing independence and sustainability for the Bahamas. The letter indicates Schooner Bay as a model of growth in opposition to mega resorts through its ties to Bahamian history, tradition, community and sustainability.
2012-07-16, Full Article

County by county news for Saturday
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Scott Ball will represent DPZ in discussing the Roswell Gateway study.
2012-07-13 , Full Article

In One Instant Gallery to close on July 28
Thomas Hall,
The Downtown Redevelolpment Plan in Fort Myers was set to help the economy of downtown but how is it to happen if the local people are not opening shops.
2012-07-05, Full Article

Андре Дуани:
Американский архитектор и урбанист, основатель студии DPZ.
2012-07-04, Full Article

Southeast Florida’s seven counties join to draft 50-year plan for sustainable development
Andres Viglucci, The Miami Herald
Duany Plater-Zyberk is in the mist of planning for a 50-year plan for the sustainable growth of seven Southeast Florida counties.
2012-06-28, Full Article

7 Southeast Florida counties plan for stronger future
Dennis Glade , The Palm Beach Post
Victor Dover, a principal at the Coral Gables urban design firm Dover, Kohl & Partners, describes the upcoming plans and collaborations with Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company.
2012-06-27, Full Article

Big dreams for South Florida tempered by unique threats, experts say
Ben Wolford, Sun Sentinel
South East Florida is getting a whole new transformation in housing and planning.
2012-06-27, Full Article

Postcards from the New World
Trevor Fraser, Orlando Weekly
CNU 20, was a convention of mixed ideas state wide, since held in West Palm Beach the sister of Orlando due to sprawl appearance it was of topic by many talented visionaries.
2012-06-26, Full Article

Subbing New Urbanism
Tara Anderson,
New Yorker from Upper Manhattan now in Norton Commons Prospect, Kentucky.
2012-06-25, Full Article

The unnoticed New Urbanism
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Twenty years ago, 80 percent of downtown storefronts were unoccupied. Much of the surrounding land was underutilized or vacant, including 14 blocks of that were cleared for urban renewal in the 1980s, after which the developers went bankrupt and left a swath of empty land. In 1993, the city hired Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company to create a plan and a code for a 100-block area of downtown. The code, approved in 1994, was one of the first examples of a form-based code.
2012-06-25, Full Article

How to fill this famously vacant land in St. Louis
David Brussat, Providence Journal
Sam Lima, a graduate student in architecture at Notre Dame looks up to Andres Duany land perspectives.
2012-06-24, Full Article

Which design will residents like?
Alan Davies, The Urbanist
Katrina Cottages or Brad Pitt's cottage thing which would you pick?
2012-06-22, Full Article

New city planning director a student of Gaithersburg neighborhoods, design
Alex Ruoff, Gazzette
John Schlichting finally gets what he wanted for long a professional career as Gaithersburg planning director.
2012-06-22, Full Article

No high rises in small plots in Mumbai
Nauzer Bharucha, The Times of India
Mumbi is getting a city for the people.
2012-06-21, Full Article

Treading Lightly Ecology and Community Design
William Richards, Residential Architect
Thomas E. Low, AIA, believes water should exist at the center of community planning and design.
2012-06-18, Full Article

Talking Tactical Urbanism
Jeremy A. Shaw, The Architects Newspaper
As interest in urban planning surges across the country, Mike Lydon discusses the small changes that make a big difference.
2012-06-18, Full Article

ถนนสาย 30A มุ่งสู่ดินแดนมหัศจรรย์แห่ง Panhandle
มานิตา เข็มทอง, Goto Manager
Arabic Article pertaining to Seaside mentioning Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and Andres Duany.
2012-06-17, Full Article

Southeast Florida Regional Partnership Leads “Seven50” Plan for Shaping More Prosperous Seven Counties
Seven 50
Seven50 is being developed collaboratively with the public’s input and under the guidance of urban design and planning experts such as Dover Kohl & Partners and Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company.
2012-06-12, Full Article

Take Back the Streets
Jayne Merkel , The New York Times
Jayne Merkell quotes Andrés Duany -There is a natural, permanent festival atmosphere all day, every day, and buses are not delayed, since they have been permanently rerouted.
2012-06-08, Full Article

Design District set for a renaissance
Oscar Pedro Musibay, South Florida Business Journal
The design district is receiving an open-air mixed-used mall with high end shops.
2012-06-07, Full Article

Broward County Launches Online Sustainability Clearinghouse
Jill Horwitz, Seven 50
Get your sustainability knowledge online.
2012-06-06, Full Article

New Project to Remodel Miami's Design District to Exclusive Promenade
solsiree skarlinsky, NBC Miami
Design District, Miami is ready to get a fashion forward makeover
2012-06-05, Full Article

Developer unveils project to transform Miami’s Design District into upscale pedestrian promenade
Andres Viglucci and Elaine Walker, The Miami Herald
Developer Craig Robins very anticipated plans are a go! Miami's Design District will have a pedestrian friendly transformation, similar to that of Lincoln Road but with a more urban and artistic touch.
2012-06-04, Full Article

Commercial neighborhood planned for Miami's Design District
Oscar Pedro Musibay, South Florida Business Journal
Design District property owner and developer Craig Robins is proposing to build a $312 million high-end commercial neighborhood to compete with Bal Harbour Shops. The project would generate more than 1,200 permanent jobs by the time it is complete in addition to hundreds of construction-related jobs that would be created during the 4-year building period, according to a plan Robins and his company DACRA have submitted to the city of Miami. The city’s Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board is set to hear the plan Wednesday.
2012-06-04, Full Article

Details Of The New Design District Trickle Out
Sean McCaughan, Curbed
A plan thought-out well Miami 21 approved pedestrian friendly is what was designed by Dauny Plater-Zyberk, DACRA, and Craig Robins.
2012-06-04, Full Article

Scottish Government approves Aberdeenshire local development plan
Gary Cruden , STV
Andres Duany has been appointed to oversee the design of the Chapelton of Elsick development.
2012-05-31, Full Article

GlenMark Farms in New Town Offers Neighborhood-Grown Produce
Kathie Sutin, St. Charles Patch
Glenmark Farms wasn't a remarkable plan when building New Town but it happened during a workshop with Andrés Duany, a founding principal at Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company (DPZ), who suggested it.
2012-05-30, Full Article

City to bid out intersection project
Suzanne Le Breton, St. Tammany News
Andres Duany was called to Old Mandeville to to improve the two main intersections but gave his opinion on also improving the town center with great concern.
2012-05-27, Full Article

Mandeville has stake in Louisiana capital construction budget talks
Times-Picayune Staff , The Times-Picayune
In order to pay for the very anticipated Mandeville projects the community is urging Louisiana Legislatures.
2012-05-26, Full Article

Scotland consults on architecture policy
Merlin Fulcher, The Architect's Journal - UK
The Scottish government is launching an ‘open dialogue’ consultation on its new architecture policy
2012-05-24, Full Article

Mandeville City Council to discuss intersection work, employee raises tonight
Bob Warren, The Times-Picayune
Mandeville when improving their intersection they are trusting the expertise of New Urbanist planner Andres Duany.
2012-05-24, Full Article

Mandeville body to discuss intersection spending; City Council will also consider employee pay raises
Suzanne Le Breton, St. Tammany News
Mandeville discusses finances for their city hall project as well pay raise.
2012-05-23, Full Article

Już dzisiaj startuje cykl spotkań
Gdyni Zachód , Sztuka Architektury
Overview of Warsztatów Charrette
2012-05-22, Full Article

Seaside Turns 30!
The Palm Beach Post
Seaside turns 30 since it was established till now it's been seen as a planning masterpiece.
2012-05-21, Full Article

Landmarks board to review criteria, short list of candidate properties for designation
David Roberts, Palm Beach Daily News
New Urbanism Advocate Andres Duany gives a lecture at the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach.
2012-05-17, Full Article

Consultant Plans 2 Years For 10 Day Job
Paul C. Clark, The Rinoceros Times
Recalling on Andres Duany new urbanist concepts to make High Point pedestrian friendly as well.
2012-05-17, Full Article

Debate: Mechanical V.S. Passive Strategies
Mark Schrieber, Jetson Green
Strategies on two sides mechanical and passive.
2012-05-17, Full Article

Smart Code advocate finally agrees to ‘code free’ zones
Randy Bright, Tulsa Beacon
Debate about the SmartCodenot everyone agrees in restrictions in planning.
2012-05-17, Full Article

My big fat New Urbanism conference rundown
Chris Turner, Mother Nature Network
Chris Turner seemed fascinated in many ways on the
2012-05-17, Full Article

Mandeville considering intersection improvements
Suzanne Le Breton, St. Tammany News
Planner Andres Duany comes to Mandeville in hopes to improve both the intersections in favor of a new town center plan.
2012-05-13, Full Article

Alexandria Council approves area redevelopment plan
Patricia Sullivan, The Washington Post
The Mark Center plan for Alexandria was approved by the Alexandria city council. The design and coding for Mark Center is a collaboration between Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company and Dover-Kohl and Partners.
2012-05-12, Full Article

Birdbrain Scheme Is Now Big Idea of the Century?
Paul Haeder, Dissident Voice
Descriptive ideas about the Smart Growth Manual book and how it will help our century.
2012-05-11, Full Article

At the 20th Congress for the New Urbanism, a Movement Feels its Age
Anthony Flint, The Atlantic Cities
At the brink of disaster many agree on Andres Duany's theory in building with a code.
2012-05-10, Full Article

New Urbanism Needs a Re-Boot
James A. Bacon, Bacon's Rebellion
Andres Duany, one of New Urbanism’s founders and intellectual leaders motivates many at the 2012 Congress for the New Urbanism in West Palm Beach.
2012-05-10, Full Article

New Urbanism and the Future of Real Estate Development in Brazil
Felipe Azenha, Miami Urbanist
This past weekend approximately 30 Brazilian real estate professionals traveled to Miami and attended a two-day New Urbanism seminar at the University of Miami. The seminar was hosted by the School of Architecture’s Real Estate Development and Urbanism program and DPZ. The attendees are part of ADIT Brasil- an association of real estate development professionals led by Felipe Cavalcante, ADIT president. The attendees had the opportunity to spend the weekend with some of Miami’s finest New Urbanists.
2012-05-09, Full Article

Andres Duany: Heterodoxia Architectonica at U. of Miami
David Brussat, Providence Journal
Fascinating lecture on Heterodoxia Architectonica demonstrated by Andres Duany.
2012-04-29, Full Article

Architect Andrés Duany promotes unbiased democracy in community planning
David Rogers , Palm Beach Daily News
Man-kind is destroying the old instead of restoring it.
2012-04-27 , Full Article

Councillors pave way for 'significant' new £1bn settlement in north-east
Gary Cruden, STV
Residents of Aberdeen are ecstatic majority voted yes to a new community in Aberdeen.
2012-04-26, Full Article

Is Placemaking A "New Environmentalism"?
Kaid Benfield , Switchboard
In order to save the dear earth we live in our communities need energy saving sustainability.
2012-04-23, Full Article

Roswell gets peek at possible downtown
Hatcher Hurd, Northfulton
Andres Duany proposed a plan for Roswell's southern crossing of the Chattahoochee River.
2012-04-23, Full Article

How Building Beautiful Spaces Can Foster Environmentalism
Kaid Benfield, The Atlantic Cities
In the topic of Earth Day, we can't help save the environment if we don't fix and build our communities the right way.
2012-04-23, Full Article

Shift to greener, leaner lifestyle noted at event
Eric Ruth , The News Journal
The days of fueling up your SUV's and driving everywhere to make errands are over due today's economy we need walkable neighborhoods.
2012-04-19, topnews|text|Home | Full Article

How to Transform Sprawl into Complete, Balanced Communities
Galina Tachieva, Graz Architecture Magazine - GAM
PDF Article: English and Russian describing the importance of sprawl repair.
2012-04-17, Full Article

Gables Upper Rock Begins Pre-Leasing residential, office and retail this design was originally designed in 2004 by re-owned planner Andres Duany.
Gables Upper Rock is now leasing a concept of mixed use, including residential,
2012-04-13, Full Article

Modern-style buildings by architect Stanley Saitowitz give University Circle's Uptown development a new sense of place
Steven Litt,
What would you rather have a stand alone beautiful building or a beautiful neighborhood with all welcoming shops?
2012-04-06, Full Article

Column: Heavy lifting in classical architecture
David Brussat, Providence Journal
Going back in time to classical architecture and today's modernism.
2012-04-05, Full Article

Gated Communities, Civility and Crime
Mythili Rao, The Take Away
Radio interview - One of the questions that Trayvon’s death has raised is the issue of who or what makes a community or a neighborhood seem “safe” or “unsafe.” Elijah Anderson, professor of sociology at Yale and the author of “The Cosmopolitan Canopy: Race and Civility in Everyday Life” writes about the kind of spaces where civil, harmonious interactions between people can emerge. Galina Tachieva, an expert in sustainable planning and community development, is the author of the “Sprawl Repair Manual.”
2012-04-04, Full Article

Seaside Celebrates 31 years of New Urbanism
Deborah Wheeler , Freedom Newspapers
Going back 31 years ago, Seaside is a community built by all it's residents say on design and planner Andres Duany.
2012-04-04, Full Article

Lighthouse Project - History: From Fifth to Third, a downtown transformation
Brittany Shammas, Naples Daily News
Look at Fifth Avenue now and it is hard to believe this sparkling boulevard was once dying
2012-04-03, Full Article

West Palm Beach to host New Urbanism event
Dennis Glade, Palm Beach Post
2012-04-02, Full Article

New urbanism: Old-fashioned design in for long run
John Handley, Chicago Tribune
Seaside's Davis sees the future this way: 'The next push for new urbanism will be in cities on urban renewal land and in the suburbs where former shopping centers will be redeveloped. There will be a lot more projects after the current glut of housing inventory is absorbed.'
2012-03-30, Full Article

Urban Planner Finds a Few Hight Points
Paul C. Clark, Rhino Times
It's hard to know what to expect when the City of High Point and the High Point City Project bring in a high-powered architect and urban planner billed as a virtual savior of High Point. What you probably wouldn't expect is a series of humorous but all-out assaults on city planners, environmentalists, architects, bureaucrats, road and highway designers and even High Point itself.
2012-03-29, Full Article

Patient Investing by Developer Allows Seaside to Thrive as New Urban Icon Celebrates 30th Year
Debbie Abrams, Market Watch
A brief real estate description of Seaside, FL a great place to live with all it's amenities in walking distance.
2012-03-16, Full Article

Olowalu Town developers seek public comments on Draft EIS
Lahaina News
Olowalu Town LLC and Olowalu Ekolu LLC announced Friday that the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the proposed 636-acre, 1,500-unit Olowalu Town Master Plan is open for public review and comment.
2012-03-15, Full Article

If you care about cities, return that new iPad
Kaid Benfield, Switchboard
Apple, Inc. the electronic empire is making a community disaster with the design of there soon to be building. They need a lesson in sprawl repair in order to acquire connection with community rather than distance technological communication.
2012-03-13, Full Article

Hanover residents look ahead to hospital, health needs
Tammie Smith, Richmond Times-Dispatch
Bon Secours Richmand is embarking on a visioning charrette for the Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center. The design team, led by Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, have begun their process, meeting with community, staff, and local officials. The planning sessions continue through Friday, when there will be a 90-minute closing session starting at noon.
2012-03-13, Full Article

2011 Media

The Atlantis Harks Back to 1980s
Tom Austin, Ocean Drive
The Atlantis is an old postmodernism architectural condominium building in brickell designed by three original founders of Architectonica founding partners—Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater- Zyberk, and Hervin Romney—left in 1980 to pursue other projects and found their own firms.
2011-07-03, Full Article

Four Questions for Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk
J. A. Gleichman, Urbanland
Urbanland asked Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk four questions about her architecture expertise.
2011-05-10, Full Article

2010 Media

An Urban Artist: Mayor Richard M. Daley, 2010 Laureate, ULI J.C. Nichols Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development
Julianne Hill, Urbanland
Andres Duany like to fix er up any city he touches as described by his wife Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk.
2010-09-30, Full Article