Campo Grande

Location: Campo Grande, MS, Brazil
Project Categories: Urbanism
Year Started: 2011
Status: process
Size: 746 acres

Brisas seeks to offer an authentic neighborhood built upon the best principles of urbanism, drawing inspiration from the local culture of Campo Grande.

The master plan demonstrate a long-term vision for development at Brisas. Located west of downtown Campo Grande, it is in the direction for growth accommodating the expansion of the town through sustainable design. Organized around interconnected neighborhoods and small town centers, Brisas also celebrates its natural features, balancing urban experiences with open and civic spaces.

Incorporating a more defined necklace of greenways, the New Urbanist approach focuses on interconnectivity and walkability. Neighborhood edges are clearly defined and strong centers of activity are logically spaced from each other with a town center evolving at the geographic center of the property.

An institutional or government center was also identified as a transition district from the north approach that would help serve the expansion of the adjacent community of Oitis.

The “Brisas Block” consists of a secured community (condominium) enveloped by a layer of accessible mixed-use buildings that line the busier streets. The private neighborhood within is separated from the outer layer by a continuous wall and features a guardhouse, usually reached via a side-street, as well as the potential for card-activated gateways for pedestrian and bicycle access to the outside. The inner blocks offer a walkable environment defined by different housing types in a range of densities, amenities accommodated within greens and squares, and a hierarchy of roadways of varying widths.

Rendering of main street and town center plaza Rendering of Master Plan Rendering of the town center  detail Rendering of a typical neighborhood with central green Rendering of residential street elevation studies Rendering of controlled access pavilions

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