Costa Verbena

Rendering of Beach Village
Location: Pititinga, RN, Brazil
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 2010
Status: process
Size: 741 acres

Highlighted by one kilometer of coastline, Costa Verbena is planned as the setting for a dynamic new community that accommodates a mix of uses and housing lifestyles while promoting sustainable development strategies that respect the Pittitinga coast’s natural ecosystem, its culture and its people.

The master plan proposal anticipates the creation of a multidimensional town, part tourist destination and part year-round home to residents of Natal and its metropolitan region. The urban design intent is to provide a variety of residences in a walkable proximity to shops, restaurants, services, hotels and entertainment at key intersections. The interconnected street and pathway networks are seamlessly integrated with the open spaces. The overall goal is one of placemaking via the creation of memorable spaces that orient the visitor while framing and celebrating nature.

The beachfront village center is built around an active Main Street that connects a beachfront plaza with the existing roundabout, now reimagined as a large civic and recreational green with an amphitheater and civic structures. This green connects to a long recreational boating basin is fronted by multi-story buildings that define the unique space and optimize long vistas and ocean breezes. and enclosed by taller mixed-use buildings. Parallel to the coast, the retail and entertainment energy of Main Street is continued along a three-block ocean drive in keeping with the Brazilian urban beachfront tradition of Rio de Janeiro and Ponta Negra.

With a mix of unit types, a mix of uses and a mix of spatial experiences, Costa Verbena seeks to offer diversity across both urban and natural landscapes, taking its cues from a spectacular shoreline and a distinctive dunescape.

Costa Verbena is a mosaic of linear neighborhoods nestled within long lakes and interconnected by a complex network of vehicular and pedestrian thoroughfares. Each “sliver” or “wave” of housing clusters has subtle variations in scale and composition relative to its location along the parkway. Communal greens and squares create focal points for each residential grouping and are spaced at regular intervals. High points in the landscape are often marked with a public park or an important civic structure.

In the manner of great beachfront communities around the world, including the particularly sophisticated Brazilian models, Costa Verbena will offer a three-block oceanfront drive with arcaded mixed-use buildings, broad sidewalks and concession kiosks.

Hotels, entertainment venues, restaurants, and a diversity of residential dwellings activate the intricate network of streets and pathways, where vehicles are welcome but screened from view while walking is the preferred mode of transportation.

Rendering of Final Generation Rendering of Beach Village 1014-03 Rendering of the Costal Transect

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