Location: Florida, USA
Project Categories: UrbanismCodes
Year Started: 2006
Status: construction
Size: 571 acres

Sky presents a new model for growth to predominantly rural Calhoun County by advocating compact development and the preservation of open space. Rather than consuming former agricultural land with sprawl, Sky clusters its development into villages and hamlets, offering compact and walkable communities within a greater natural and agricultural environment.

Three villages are located along the perimeter of the site, linked by picturesque roads. These villages offer intensified development in limited areas, with commercial centers located within walking distance for residents. Smaller, courtyard style homes are provided within the village centers, while larger lots border the roads, providing expansive views over the fields. These estate, or hacienda, lots can be partially utilized for agricultural purposes or equestrian activities. Many of these lots are intended to have land preservation covenants, as well as incentive programs encouraging homeowners to build with green, energy-friendly technologies.

The site is dotted with cypress wetlands, pine forests and farm land, about half of which will be preserved. Creeks, lakes and extensive trail systems for hikers and equestrians offer residents and visitors access to various natural landscapes. Additionally, each village will feature a significant amount of public outdoor space. The community’s primary center will be a treed square and plaza opening towards the northeast of the site, and offering views across the fields to a new, man-made lake. A lodge and spa are tucked away beyond this lake, affording visitors solace and relaxation.

The principles regarding Sky’s environmental and sustainable building policies will be imbedded in the town’s urban and architectural codes. The plan, along with these codes, will enable Sky to become a model environmental development, exhibiting sustainable growth patterns on both the regional and community scales.

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